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For A Milestone Birthday, Some of Kate Moss’ Closest Collaborators Share Her Legacy

When you hit a significant milestone that isn’t a cover, runway appearance, or billboard, it’s still worth celebrating, and for British supermodel Kate Moss, 50 has marked her position as a timeless symbol of fashion, style, and the expansion of modeling. Renowned for her distinctive features and captivating presence, Moss has filled her career with work from the major players within the fashion industry over the past few decades. Through the lens of those who have worked closely with her, Moss’ enduring legacy continues to defy conventions and redefine the standards of beauty in the ever-evolving modeling world. As she turns 50 today, delves into the reflections of some of her closest collaborators, providing an intimate glimpse into the life and career of a woman who has graced countless magazine covers and runways and has become a cultural phenomenon. Happy Birthday to the Capricorn G.O.A.T.!

Cover photo by Glen Luchford | Courtesy of Glen Luchford Studios
“If Kate were a stock on the S&P 500, she’d have outperformed them all. She’s from the 70/80 English post-war suburbs, which were terrible, a third-rate education which (like me) she never finished, she’s too short to be a model, and yet here we are celebrating her at 50 as one of, if not the most, iconic models of all time. Unbelievable! She has an engine inside her that would beat most CEOs, great business instinct, and like Victoria Beckham and a few others, she understood personal branding before there was a name for it. Anyone who bet against Kate was foolhardy.”
Glen Luchford

Tim Walker for British Vogue December 2023 | Courtesy of Tim Walker Studios
“Some of my most favorite photos I’ve taken have been with Kate. She always knows how to have fun and there’s nothing more photogenic than pure joy.”
Tim Walker
“Kate continues to be one of the most inspiring person I’ve ever worked with in front of or behind the camera. For the new issue of Perfect, we photographed her with David Bailey – as ever, she was brilliant on set, but the real ‘wow’ moment came when she put on her jeans and v-neck and sat with Bailey, art directing Karen Elson and stepping in and doing her hair, cackling as she did it in only the way Kate does.”
Katie Grand

i-D No. 359 by Mario Sorrenti – styled by Alastair McKimm
“Happy Birthday Kate! The best to ever do it!”
Alastair McKimm

Paris Vogue August 2019 by Inez and Vinoodh courtesy of Inez and Vinoodh
“What makes Kate the greatest model and collaborator of our time is her unique ability to seamlessly inhabit any idea, character or mood we project onto her but never without adding her own enigmatic sense of style.”
Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Self Service No. 49 2018 photo by Ezra Petronio – styled by Alastair McKimm | Courtesy of Ezra Petronio Studios
“For decades, we have seen her grow and evolve and have remained inspired by her sincerity and uniqueness, her grace and nonchalance, her emotionality and authenticity. Her self-confidence and personal integrity, undiluted passion, resilience, and this intrinsic desire for freedom have been admirable and formidable — making her into the person and living legend she has become today.”
Ezra Petronio

Vogue Hong Kong March 2021 by Luigi & Iango – styled by Patti Wilson
“Cheers to 50 years of Kate being authentically, undeniably Kate and inspiring every generation because of it. Happy birthday to a friend, an icon, and a forever superstar – you will never meet anyone like her.”
Patti Wilson

CK Obsession by Mario Sorrenti | Courtesy of Mario Sorrenti Studios
“Happiest of birthdays 🎂 long live the queen! Yo! Yo! Yo! skate. It seems unreal that we made it to 50 and beyond!!! ♥️ We are blessed with your birth, and the way you have touched our lives with your magic! Happy 50!!! I wish you a very special day filled with love and happiness. Big hugs from all of us 😘”
Mario Sorrenti

Marc Jacobs Holiday 2022 campaign by Harley Weir – makeup by Isamaya Ffrench
“My favourite Kate story is when I broke up with my boyfriend and she insisted we burn some sage up my skirt to ‘spiritually cleanse my privates.’ She’s the best – hilarious, kind, loyal and has the best taste in music. Happy Birthday Kate, I love you!”
Isamaya Ffrench

The Kate Moss Book – Art direction by Fabien Baron – courtesy of Fabien Baron
“I’ve known and worked with Kate since the beginning of her career. Kate is not a model per se. She’s become a cultural icon for an entire generation. Rather than her evident beauty, it is her personality and attitude that transpires the most when you take her picture. Certainly, her fragility, her strength of character, her own insecurities, and that sense of wickedness have given her a palatable coolness as well as a memorable and iconic aspect to most of her photographs. But it is also those characterful and unique traits that kept her above the rest for so many years. Just like the best actresses, she transcends time and has the unique ability to touch people. A true star and a true human.”
Fabien Baron

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