Eckhaus Latta S/S 2015

Posted by | September 10th, 2014


Eckhaus Latta S/S 2015

Given the rampant commercialism of NYFW it is rare to see a brand go beyond the typical show or presentation. This penchant for the straightforward makes every bit of experimentation all the more invigorating and Eckhaus Latta took the opportunity to treat viewers to an experience that was unexpected. The city block spanning line just to get into the Eckhaus Latta presentation was a testament to how hungry fashion followers are for something new, exciting and innovative. Designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta rose to the occasion and their Dada meets denim collection of unconventional pieces offered a much needed respite from the typical. With a lettuce covered catwalk and choir chanting in the background Eckhaus and Latta played with our expectations for blue jeans. The all-American staple gets a bad rep for being mundane, but the design duo kept things cool with oversized tarp jeans, skirts embellished with visible pockets long enough to graze the thighs and wild shoes that appeared to consist of one 80s trainer stacked on top of another. With a cast that spanned all ages, all sexes and all races the collection boasted an inclusive feel that was heightened by the finale’s spirited performance. If you’ve ever felt locked out of the artsy inner circle Eckhaus Latta proved that weird and wonderful is for everybody.

Eckhaus Latta S/S 2015

Review by Janelle Okwodu
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