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DNA Walk

Posted by wayne | September 5th, 2008

MDX stopped by the DNA offices this week to get an exclusive preview of their crop of new faces. Scan these girls carefully so you’ll be prepped when they surface on those directional runways this season.
(view the DNA show package here)

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15 Comments to “DNA Walk”

  1. Derrick says:

    I like the last girl, she walks up like shes gonna slap you in the face or something, but in a very sexy way! Does that make any sense?

    The first Girl looks unreal, like somebody designed her from scratch. Perfect.

  2. suzsana says:

    WOW the first girl looks like WOW
    I mean her skin is like some painting.
    her lips, jaw, eyes.
    she really blew me away
    but i dont understand on picture she does
    not look as great

  3. Mike says:

    good waLKERS this season
    always love dna

  4. Sofia says:

    hey.. does anybody know what the name of the first girl is.. ?

    love DNA..

  5. Jane says:

    The first girl is certainly pretty. They all look attractive if a little glum looking. Models never smile or show any emotion when on the catwalk – kind of a shame when you think about it. A little smile wouldn’t be the end of the world.:)

  6. Jane says:

    The girl at 13 seconds has a poor walk. She’s moving her arms much too much. Look at her right arm, it’s sticking right out, she could poke out your eye with that.:) She’ll need to remove that bad habit to have a successful catwalk career!

  7. Sofia... again.. sorry says:

    well.. is she skye stracke??


  8. betty says:

    To Jane,
    No, a smile def would not be the end of the world but they’re told to be that way “strong and editorial” for the camera. They are actually just fun loving teenagers when it comes down to it and most are always smiling and laughing it up with their friends backstage but in front of the cameras, they do what the designers/clients tell them to do. Actually, a lot of runways for Spring had girls smile, like Lacoste.


  9. irene says:

    please.. anybody know who the first girl is..??


  10. eve says:

    frustrating…i cant watch the videos for some reason..? do I need to download something ?

  11. betty says:

    No, it should work… sometimes it needs a couple of seconds to catch up.. Sometimes it could be your browser, Internet Explorer sometimes has issues, try using Firefox or Safari.


  12. Eamon says:

    The first girl looks like Emma Maclaren (?)

  13. Numero+ says:

    i’m in love with emma maclaren!!!

  14. celeste says:

    anyone knows whats the name of the girl in 24,25,26,27 second?im dying to know!!!

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