Dior Homme S/S13

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | July 16th, 2012

Dior Homme S/S 13

After a brilliantly pared-down show based on white t-shirts for his own eponymous label, Kris Van Assche went all-in on navy for his Spring 2013 collection for Dior Homme, as nearly every look—save a handful in a stony gray and some bright pops of crimson—came head-to-toe in a rich, deep blue that was the starting point for a show that had a vaguely nautical feel to it. There were officer’s jackets that had a naval feel, as well as a number of sailor sweaters with ropes for stripes, but Van Assche knows better than to fall in slavish thrall to a frivolous inspirational notion, instead delivering a collection that was one of his strongest demonstrations yet of the freshness he has brought to Dior Homme since taking over in 2007. There was a clean elegance and neat minimalism to his suits, cut slim but not skin-tight, with some jackets cinched around the waists like parkas for a playful twist. Van Assche also presented a number of looks in mesh, offering them up as a study of construction and tailoring, an idea that found a pleasant echo in the cream piping that appeared in a handful of the next pieces, a rigorous examination of craft and design. It was a strong and intelligently presented collection from Van Assche, a reminder that part of the wonder of fashion is that you can find transcendence even in the purest simplicity.

Text by Jonathan Shia
Photos by Dirk Alexander / models.com

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12 Comments to “Dior Homme S/S13”

  1. Dave says:


  2. stradivarius says:

    baptiste radufe and arthur gosse, how lovely!!!! river viiperi should look them as pure example of whata pure model look like!!!

  3. niller says:

    Damn, goodlooking Victor Nylander. I love this photo spread.

  4. mars says:

    …can’t believe that’s Dior!!! very boring 🙁

  5. Pedro says:

    … I belive ! It is boring !

  6. Jessica says:

    Perfect structure. This is a winner!

    The Lovelorn

  7. Igor says:

    its Dior))) class)

  8. tuba says:

    Excellent! Victor , Baptiste ,Johannes thy r all stunning. XD

  9. jojo says:

    Continues to be lackluster. The clothes are not flattering. Men do not wear such things.

  10. Zhr says:

    Cam someone tell me who that guy on the 11th photo is??

  11. CREPERSON says:

    Shoes give flavor))