Cushnie et Ochs F/W 2012

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | February 10th, 2012

Cushnie et Ochs Fall/Winter 2012

Is there a dark side to Cushnie et Ochs? The chic duo’s fall showing focused on the dangerous element of the brand’s allure. Looking to Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In as inspiration, Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs crafted a sleek and body conscious collection that echoed the film’s obsession with anatomy. After Spring’s Betty Draper-fied vision of sexiness, the focused intensity of the looks shown felt fresh. Deep hues and strategically placed cutouts dominated, as did a few design details that called to mind the skintight bodysuit worn by Elena Anaya in the movie. Cinema buffs may have an added layer of insight into the collection’s intricacies but pristine cuts, metallic accents and form fitting leather are things everyone can appreciate. Take the graphite sheath on Irina Kulikova for instance, the liquid metal texture and molded to the skin look garnered oohs and aahs.

Photos: Stephan Moskovic
Text: Janelle Okwodu

Casting: Piergiorgio Del Moro
Press: bpcm

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6 Comments to “Cushnie et Ochs F/W 2012”

  1. Theodorah manjomo says:

    That waz cool nd the outfit waz faboulous. Can u make me 2 be one please coz i got a perfect height and am slim 2.

  2. loves says:


  3. YESS says:

    Lovely and very creative designs!!! I’m a really big fan of Cushnie et Ochs! That is why I am even more shocked about how poorly these clothes fit! I mean seriously, what’s wrong with those first two black dresses (that make very strange wrinkles) and the white jacket (which is obviously very badly sewn)!? I hope the next collection is as inspiring and innovative but hopefully better executed!

  4. Val says:

    Is no one getting tired of single hued, slashed dresses ? These two need some new tricks

  5. Jay M. says:

    the designs are nice, complex, and simple at the same time. im not too fond of the wrinkling but the white dress rally captured my eye. im not into zippers but this is an exception. the fit is nice and sleek. 10/10