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5 Faces of China
In Search of Lost Time
似水年华:中国 heads to Beijing for a special story featuring five of China’s most innovative talents. Their fields may be different, but together they represent the creativity and originality that has come to define China’s global influence. Representing the worlds of dance, music, cinema and fashion, each of these artists embodies excellence. In the media, China’s status as a political and financial power has been much discussed, but it’s the nation’s cultural capital that is now more important and vital than ever. In these five original stories entitled ’In Search of Lost Time’, contemporary fashion trends are presented on an illustrious group of Chinese celebrities. Photographer Yin Chao, Fashion Director Dan Cui and Asia/Pacific Managing Editor Felix Chang capture these stars in a series of provocative editorials, each with its own unique perspective. The images serve both as a fitting tribute to China’s best and brightest, and as a showcase for emerging designers. With the Met’s expansive ‘China: Through the Looking Glass‘ exhibition only days away there is no better time to experience these images.

“生命只是一连串孤立的片刻,靠着回忆和幻想,许多意义浮现了,然後消失,消失之後又浮现。”——普鲁斯特《追忆似水年华》。2015年的北京冬日,五段孤立的生命片刻如平行线般在各自的时空穿梭来往。也许是回忆,或许是幻想,那些如行云流水般的青春年华在一呼一吸的刹那,释放着闪烁耀眼的生命光芒。 首次於中国北京制作的原创故事《似水年华》记录着五位来自於不同领域的非常人物。以人物各自的生活与专业背景为蓝图,勾画出象徵中国当下的时尚潮流。由 的亚太区执行主编 Felix Chang 创意策划,摄影师尹超和时装总监崔丹率领北京当地的优秀团队制作,经由在地人的视角,记录着属於中国新兴时尚势力的崛起和五位卓越人物的青春年华。

Handpicked by director Zhang Yimou to star in his film, The Flowers of War, actress Ni Ni went from unknown to it-girl seemingly overnight. Like Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi before her, Ni Ni was dubbed a ‘Mou Girl’ for her appearance in Zhang Yimou’s film and subsequent status as a media darling. Ni Ni’s combination of exquisite beauty and unquestionable talent has been impressing audiences ever since and the fashion crowd has certainly taken note. Photographed looking radiant in her dressing room as she preps for her latest role, Ni Ni embodies the glamour and power of cinema.


Photographed by Yin Chao / SUPER STUDIO for
Styled & art direction by Dan Cui
Creative direction by Felix Chang
Online art direction by Stephan Moskovic
Make up by Chun Nan

Hair by Chen Feng
Video edited by SUPER STUDIO & Zhang Yao

Music composed by Liao Xing
Produced by SUPER STUDIO

Dress (cover photo) Uma Wang

Tank top and pants Nicole Zhang

Leather dress JINNNN

Coat M Essential Heels BINGXU


Tank top and pants Nicole Zhang

Jacket and jumpsuit Ms Min

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