Catherine McNeil

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | April 26th, 2013
Catherine is wearing: Levi’s Denim Shirt

Catherine McNeil

The triumphant return of Catherine McNeil (Marilyn Model Mgmt) is in full effect. Cat is back and better than ever with a fresh outlook, a renewed energy and of course the classic elegance with a twist that made fashion fall in love with her in the first place (also see our Q&A with Catherine in Of the Minute). Experience the new era of McNeil in this stunning original series by Christian MacDonald and rest assured, the best is yet to come.

Photography by Christian MacDonald for
Styling : Mary Fellowes @ art department
Make up : Mariel Barrera for Joe management
Hair : Cecilia Romero for Rene Furterer at Art Department
Set Design : Daniel Graff for Mary Howard Studio
Production: Kristen Bolt for

Long Paige Denim Shirt
LEFT: Tied shirt, 7 For All Mankind / Jacket, 7 For All Mankind / Pant, Mother Denim
RIGHT: White denim vest (under), J Brand / White denim vest (over) AG Adriano Goldschmied / White denim shorts, Mother Denim
Denim Overalls, J Brand / Denim shirt, Levi’s
Denim Overalls, J Brand / Denim shirt, Levi’s
Long Paige Denim Shirt
Denim shirt, Paige Denim / Denim jeans, AG + Liberty London
Levi’s Denim Shirt / Siwy Striped Shorts
Paige Denim Shirt / AG Adriano Goldschmied

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26 Comments to “Catherine McNeil”

  1. Cany says:

    Love everything about her <3

  2. Teng says:

    Thank god the girl is back! We need her!

  3. Shani says:

    Adore her!!!!
    Such a special face! So thrilled she’s back where she belongs!!

  4. Crystal says:

    She gets better with age. I miss her long hair, but I like her hair at this length too. It looks great.

  5. miguel says:

    I see nothing special. A bit simple.

  6. Joe says:

    Literally the best girl on the catwalks this past season. In every city, in any show. She’s actually loooking better than ever. New girls have nothing on her. Born star, manifest destiny! Back on the road to supermodel! Werk!

  7. Marty says:

    Gosh shes stunning!

  8. Jessica says:

    I can’t get enough of this girl! Please can we see her everywhere!

  9. Jacob says:

    I think of girls like Daria Werbowy, Gemma Ward, Lara Stone when I look at Cat, and she’s nothing like any of them, the only thing in common is they ooze star quality. Star quality and uniqueness is what they have in common.

  10. Fede says:

    IM not a fashion expert but she’s beautiful

  11. Darius Denzel says:

    Her beauty is undeniable!

  12. Darius Denzel says:

    Simplicity provides a fine line between eloquence and plainness.

  13. tom says:

    she looks like jon kort in the last one haha

  14. lea says:

    too retouched guys…come on! Doesn’t even look like her…This is crazy, this industry is crazy, some genius just erased catering mcneal face. Give us a break!

  15. floyd says:

    beautiful photos but I’m just curious you have someone credited for set design, where the hell is the set! you can’t tell me your considering a gray seamless and a stool a set.

  16. This series alone proves that she has a perpetual quality! That diamond shaped face and impeccable physics!

  17. Clarisse says:

    Her comeback is the best thing from last season and this ed is so gorgeous!

  18. Kim says:

    When will she turn up on the TOP 50 list again??

  19. anon-bestie says:

    love that girl
    not that styling.

  20. JAMES FARIS says:


  21. John says:

    This is just straight boring. Some denim, a grey backdrop, and simple classic lighting with absolutely no substance nor thought behind it. How is it a comeback? I thought she quit?

  22. nitendra says:

    she is great….

  23. melZ says:

    look cool

  24. Mitch Ryan says:

    That last shot…


  25. pardisa says:

    I can’t get enough of this girl! Please can we see her everywhere!