Posted by steven yatsko | April 17th, 2017

All Hail Y/Project
Photographer Quentin De Briey and Y/Project’s designer Glenn Martens team up for a special on the cult label

All hail–yes it’s chiefly a British thing to say and designer Glenn Martens’ Y/Project calls Paris home, but we found it a fitting address considering his decidedly monarchial-inspired Fall 2017 collection (here, with the exception of a few previous seasons’ pieces). At first glance the work is a ceremony of excess, but Martens has always skillfully been in control, making it more of a meritocracy than what other rule-breakers claim to be. His Project is not built on extravagant behavior alone, but equal parts irreverent splendor and bending the rules so far they come full circle: rational. Who else so comfortably blurs the lines of fact and fiction? His recent Fall nod to the likes of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon seems amusingly apt. But then again Y/ Project has had a talent to amuse since the beginning. See the story below, starring the drop-dead newcomer Alicia Herberth.

Photography by Quentin De Briey (Cadence) for

Stylist Glenn Martens of Y/Project

Makeup Satoko Watanabe (New York: ArtList, Paris: ArtList Paris)
Hair Chiao Chenet
Set designer Vincent Olivieri
Model Alicia Herbeth at Oui Management (Paris)
Assistent Stylist: Amanda Gerell
Post Production: Antonio @ D-touch London
Production: Cadence Image (Paris)
Text Steven Yatsko


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  2. Bravo! Handsomely!

  3. Belkin says:

    I really want to be a model