Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | May 3rd, 2011
We all know that Alexander McQueen was one of fashion’s true innovators, but that doesn’t make the MET’s innovative exploration of his oeuvre any less powerful. Curated by the Costume Institute’s Andrew Bolton, the Savage Beauty exhibit attempts to document the designer’s work as well as the esoteric worldview that influenced his designs. Moving beyond static mannequins and instead creating a dynamic atmosphere, the exhibit succeeds in bringing you into the world’s McQueen created on the runways each season.

Longtime fans of McQueen’s work will be treated to an engaging look back at those monumental collections. S/S 2001’s blood red ostrich feathered gown greets you at the entrance alongside a varnished made of clamshells and the high drama garments set the tone for the entire show. Every outfit is a thrill and seeing these pieces up close and personal is an experience unto itself. Interviews with McQueen’s colleagues, teachers and friends add a new layer of intimacy to the designs. Tales from his days at St. Martins mixed in with anecdotes from the likes of Sarah Burton and Phillip Treacy allow a window into the world of Lee McQueen and offer a greater understanding of one of fashion’s true masters.

Alexander McQueen
Savage Beauty Exhibit at the Met
May 4 – August 7, 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum in NY

Head treatments by Guido Palau

Photos: Betty Sze
Animation: Stephan Moskovic
Text: Janelle Okwodu

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35 Comments to “Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty”

  1. francesco says:

    one word: Genius …

  2. Licho Serrot says:

    Long live McQueen

  3. K says:

    To beautiful to be true
    He is an angel!

  4. Lauren says:

    So beyond incredible. I can’t wait to see the exhibit this summer.

  5. julia says:

    Beyond breathtaking. Amazing camera work Betty!!

  6. Lazy Sherry says:

    Love McQueen forever.

  7. roger void says:

    hes sitill the best nobody like him…!

  8. Betty says:

    thanks julia! 🙂

    the exhibit is a must see in person. my pics only capture a tiny sliver of the glorious experience.


  9. Sara says:

    and of course you darling Bill is there 🙂

  10. Nádia says:

    :OOO It’s even more breathtaking in exposition!

  11. julia says:

    I’m seeing it on Friday! I pray to Tom Ford that they’ll banish the no photo rules for the usual special exhibits…but some how I doubt it’ll happen 🙁

  12. Rush says:

    How wonderful; wish I was in NY for this exhibition of such genius splendor.

  13. Dan Nielsen says:

    I love you McQueen.
    Some fantabulous stuff here.
    It’s only fitting someone so amazing could have died so young i suppose :/


  14. Xanax says:

    His designs are truly works of art. Impressive and deeply inspirational.

  15. GP says:

    I am so going to NY to see this!!1

  16. elana says:

    I got chills seeing these pictures

  17. Such a great honor to see his work @ the MET.

  18. martha says:


  19. CasadeModa says:

    eterno e belo… insperador

  20. Greg J says:

    This is Beyond amazing,Great work Alexander McQueen 🙂

  21. adrian says:

    wow wow wow

  22. Maar says:

    breath taking..

  23. nayriane says:

    simply amazing

  24. miss coco says:


  25. Derek says:

    I love seeing this its so different in person. He was so dedicated to his work, romantic and timeless. he will be missed. The MET did a great job be sure to see it if you can.

  26. Selah Amen. says:

    The title “savage beauty” does not illustrate the essence of McQueen, if this is what this homage is intended to explore!!!!!!

  27. Hola. Acabo de regresar de NEW YORK. He sido admirador del trabajo de Macqeen. Vivir en Bogota significa estar a solo 6 horas en vuelo directo a New York, no podia perder esta oportunidad. valio la pena. Yo trabajo en el medio de la moda, Como docente y como modisto y esta exposicion me ha renovado porque me ha hecho reflexionar. Como quisiera que todas las personas conocieran el trabajo de la moda para que entendieran las historias que son creadas para poderlas contar a traves de los desfile. MACQUEEN MACQUEEN PAZ EN SU TUMBA.

  28. loupa says:


  29. Vera says:

    Smart is the new sexy !

  30. Olamide silver says:

    I luv ðesigns.i wil lik 2 walk on d plat form cos i am an idol model.pls i need help to furfile my promise.i need some one to help mmmm.

  31. Ahols says:


  32. Seinfeldted says:

    insane exhibit!!! WOW

    Hey everyone, please check out ANDREW MUKAMAL’s Video on SAVAGE BEAUTY – Today’s Look Episode #2 – thanks!

  33. myffel says:

    我只能说我被震撼到了,至于美不美,这不是一种让我感觉舒服的美,正如主题savage beauty,整个系列很野性