Posted by Stephan Moskovic | June 2nd, 2017

A Room in Jamaica

In Jamaica, you don’t rush. The laid back nature of the country lets you leisurely take in the true beauty of its land and people. Such was the scene for Saint International‘s Style Week 2017 in Kingston, one of the biggest fashion events in the Caribbean, where was invited to see the best that the country had to offer. Aside from the lush countryside and feel good vibes of its countrymen, Jamaica’s Saint International provided a stellar roster of models that are coming for those top runway spots. Photographer Barrett Sweger takes an intimate look at the fresh faces that solidifies Jam Rock as a model powerhouse.

Photography by Barrett Sweger for
Text – Irene Ojo-Felix

Cover: Mario Grant and Chad Joe

Mario Grant
Jonny Brown and Delroy Stewart
Jenese Roper and Alexion McDonald
Christina Knight
Wayne Booth
Romaine Sterling

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3 Comments to “A Room in Jamaica”

  1. Terry says:

    You guys look for black people everywhere but America. These people are all great! Add some black Americans….not just mixed either. Joan, Chanel etc…all look alike. You guys choose mixed people that look the same. They are great, but keep digging.

  2. Adrian says:

    these models are beautiful. Deiwght Peters has an amazing eye for finding faces that are fashion forward.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Beautiful photos, Jamaica has a lot of talent.