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Edie Campbell by Alasdair McLellan (Art Partner) in the new ads for Black Opium

The new generation gets an Opium to call their own – the aptly named Black Opium harks back to YSL Beaute’s fragrant past with a nod to the original opium and a fresh take designed to appeal to a youthful clientele. With notes of pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli and coffee the scent is as energetic and unexpected the original Opium was when it debuted in 1977.

Estee Lauder’s innovative digital lineup gets even better with the relaunched Estee Lauder.com. The site boasts not only the full lineup of Estee products online, but also the brand new Estee Edit a unique source of original beauty content featuring contributors like Garance Dore.

Diana Vreeland’s remains one of fashion’s enduring personalities and now her grandson pays tribute to her legacy with a namesake fragrance line, Diana Vreeland Perfumes.

Mark Carrasquillo (Art Partner) details the perfect makeup looks for summer on Vogue.com - check out how he transforms Cindy Bruna and Alisa Ahman.

The latest model to get her hands on a beauty contract? None other than Choupette Lagerfeld, fashion’s feistiest feline will be the face of Shu Uemura’s holiday collection.

What is the impact of having a beauty contract? Model turned actress Andie MacDowell details how her 28 year relationship with L’Oreal changed her career and her life for the better.

How does Karlie Kloss stay so fit? Style.com investigates the superstar’s gym routine as she teams up with Nike.

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Photo by Michael Schwartz

This week the modeling industry lost one of its true legends, Eileen Ford passed away at the age of 92, but her legacy continues to shape every aspect of the industry. As the founder of Ford Models Eileen along with husband Jerry defined the face of beauty for generations, launching the careers of everyone from modeling phenoms Christie Brinkley and Lauren Hutton, to actress Jane Fonda and mogul Martha Stewart. With an eye for beauty and a head for business Ford took the business of beauty into the 21st century and transformed her handpicked girls into world class stars. We here at MODELS.com also express our deepest sympathies to the Ford family and friends.

Eileen herself takes us through her stellar career and whirlwind life in this commemorative video in honor of her Fashion Houston Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

Video by Vision Production Group for Fashion Houston

Many of those working in modeling today got their start because of Eileen Ford and for those who worked alongside the visionary Ms. Ford her passing marks the end of an era. Friend and fellow agent, Neal Hamil shares his Eileen memories below.

The “Mother of Modeling”; Eileen was a giver. Utterly generous of her spirit, knowledge, time, money, love. She was the ultimate teacher. She elevated everyone and all those who had the benefit of whatever largess Eileen bestowed upon them were left better. She was tough and exacting but she was almost always right.

Eileen Ford was brilliant. A true visionary in the way her contemporaries Estée Lauder, Helen Gurley Brown back then and, perhaps, Sir Richard Branson and Steve Jobs in the modern age were brilliant. She was a natural businesswoman and branding expert. She knew it when she saw it, seized the moment and worked the moment like few can.

Eileen Ford was devoted. First to her beloved husband and co-pilot, Jerry and then to her children and family and to her extended family. Of the gifts she gave those around her, her “being” was the greatest of all. She deeply altered every life she touched. She made you think. She made you better.

Eileen was the greatest champion women could have. Not just her models but for every woman everywhere. She was an activist who would have never accepted such a label. She just simply cared. She wanted good for people. She wanted you to succeed and to thrive.

As an agent she reigned supreme. She stood up, fought and almost always won. Everyone respected Eileen. She commanded that respect and she demanded it and most importantly, she deserved it.

As a friend, you simply could do no better. Eileen “saw” you and she was there for you; no matter what. She enjoyed such loyalty from those who knew her; again, something she richly deserved.

Of the thousands of “Eileen Stories” I can share, I hope everyone reading this will post and share their “Eileen Stories” but one story has always stood out in my memory. One horribly messy, snowy and bitterly cold winter morning, Eileen was arriving at our offices at 344 East 59th Street and took notice of the delivery man from The Sutton Diner, just around the corner. This lovely man, who spent his entire day delivering orders of coffee and food to FORD (no unions allowed!) was freezing with his tennis shoes, socks and pants practically frozen solid. Without a word to him, Eileen reached her office and told her secretary to call The Sutton and ask his shoe size and then to call LL Bean and get him a pair of properly insulated snow boots as tall as they made them. There was only one stipulation; that the identity of the giver of this gift not be revealed. THAT was Eileen Ford. The giver, the nurturer, the protector, the spreader of good.

Eileen Ford leaves behind a legacy in which she defined the idea of beauty for more than six decades. Her impact on a entire industry will be felt forever. She changed the world and she changed it for the better. I recently asked Eileen how she wanted to be remembered and she said “Happy. I was an extremely happy woman”

What a life! What a legacy. I bow my head in eternal gratitude and my love for her is without end. I am sure tens of thousands of you will join me in simply saying; “Thank You, Eileen. Well done! Godspeed. Rest well”!

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See our exclusive backstage photographs of Dries Van Noten by Asia Typek












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The one of a kind gowns take center stage during couture week, but each season a wealth of beauty trends emerge thanks to the unique looks that debut on the couture runways. Take a look at some of the best in beauty so far, from dramatic eyes to New Wave hair.


Pat McGrath and Guido Palau are always pushing boundaries and for Atelier Versace’s return to the runway the duo crafted a streamlined look that was as precise and exacting as Donatella’s graphic collection. McGrath’s futuristic take on the cat-eye blended black and teal shades into a dramatic winged shape. Palau’s hair was kept slick and simple – a high, tight bun with a few tendrils left spiky.


Image by Miguel Medina / AFP/Getty Images


Image by Miguel Medina AFP/Getty Images


New Wave was on the mind at Chanel with Sam McKnight basing the look on a sketch by Karl himself of wild hair and bespoke hats. Looking to rock star coifs of 80s groups (think Flock of Seagulls, or Boy George circa Culture Club) and the original drawing, McKnight created a carefree tousled style that worked well with the collection’s array of bespoke hats.


Image by Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images Entertainment


Image by Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images Entertainment


Who says couture beauty has to be over the top? At Giambattista Valli the look was low key and understated with models sporting perfect skin and just a hint of black liner. Val Garland provided the fresh look utilizing a variety of MAC Cosmetics products – MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF15 foundation and Care Blends essential oils provided the show’s signature glow. To take the just stepped out of the shower and into a couture gown look one step further Orlando Pita wrapped scarves and ribbon around the head of each model.


Image by Michel Dufour / Wireimage / Getty Images


Image by Catwalking / Getty Images

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Mariacarla Boscono, Allegra Versace, and Stella Tennant    

See some of our favorite street style looks from Haute Couture day 1!

Photos by Melodie Jeng for Models.com    

Mijo Mihaljcic and Katlin Aas

Tanya Katysheva

Sasha Luss

Nastya Sten  

Kati Nescher and Ola Rudnicka

Josephine Van Delden  

Daria Strokous  

Anja Rubik

July 1st, 2014 by models.com
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Diversity has been the buzzword in the fashion industry of late, and few understand its importance quite as well as the rising young photographers Idris & Tony, who are, respectively, African- and Asian-American. As an accompaniment to their gorgeous portfolio of the rising crop of Asian male models for MDX, the pair talk with Models.com about growing up with discrimination, their favorite new and established faces, and their hope to help turn Asian males into an object of desire like their counterparts, in a personal twist that I (as a young Asian-American) and everyone will surely be able to appreciate. Intro text by Jonathan Shia

(See the photos in MDX here)

Tell me about your backgrounds and how that influenced you in choosing this project?

Idris: Being black in America I can certainly relate to discrimination. Growing up in New York City exposed me to various cultures and I’ve always been intrigued by the beauty of Asian culture. I know this project is very personal to Tony because of the struggle he has had as an Asian American.

Tony: Growing up in the mid-west presented many challenges including a sense of pride in who I am as an Asian American and most certainly from a masculine stand point. Born to a Taiwanese mother and a Caucasian father, I grew up with my dad in a single parent household in rural Illinois.

I can remember kids running around me saying “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees.” Looking back, I guess they said my knees were dirty because they thought I worked in the rice paddy fields? My Asian features paired with a pre-conceived physical stereotype put me at a disadvantage from my all American male counterparts. I received back handed compliments from the girls like “Your hair is so straight and silky. I wish I had beautiful hair like yours” and “Your high cheek bones make you so exotic.” Sure, I can appreciate those words now as an adult, but as a teenage boy those are the words I had only ever heard used to describe females. Hearing them at that time was emasculating.

It wasn’t until my late 20’s when I visited Taipei that I heard words like “handsome” and “good looking” used to describe my features. I could tell by their delivery that the attraction was from a place of desire for me as a whole and not a dissection of my features. Hearing those words finally made me feel masculine, and even if they had been spoken to me before in my homeland of America the overall environment made the words fall on deaf ears.

Although there has recently been a greater visibility of Asians in Western advertising, we are still mostly typecast as the sidekick, but when will we be the leading man, the object of desire? So we approached the project from a Western perspective photographing Asian male models in various denim pieces because you can’t get much more American than t-shirts and jeans.

Idris: We wanted to draw on their masculinity without completely removing them from their personal demeanor. We didn’t want them too polished or to create a false illusion, but rather capture them from the perspective that they are naturally handsome men.

Tony: Our hope is that this series of portraits within this project inspires society to re-consider the way they view Asian males, specifically in America. That our industry colleagues use their “persuASIAN” to give young Asian males around the world an array of role models whom they share the same features and demeanor with. I wonder at times where my confidence would have taken me if I had these role models.

Is there anyone that you wished you could have shot but weren’t able to?

Idris:This is just the beginning of an on going project so there is still time for us to work with guys like Zhao Lei, Paolo Roldan and Godfrey Gao. We’re also excited to meet Sang Woo Kim, a new face out of London.

Tony: I would love to include Kevin Louie in this project. He was the first Asian male model I ever saw flipping through fashion magazines. In addition I find Seijo Imazaki inspiring, not only as an Asian American model, but also as an artist, a father, and loving husband. He is a man who has beaten the odds.

Who made an exceptional impression on you and why?

Idris: There is something so charming about Jae Yoo. He has a heart of gold and it really shows in his character. We’ve had the pleasure of photographing Jae for various projects as well as casting him for numerous fashion shows. His work ethic is one to be admired.

If you could have any magazine or brand come to you and say, shoot this Asian male model, what brand would it be and which model would you choose for it?

Tony: Since we are talking about portraying Asian men in a more desirable nature and changing a stereotype then it would have to be Calvin Klein. The brand has used Hidetoshi Nakata in a campaign for the X underwear line, but again he is one of four guys in that campaign. Give us our own stage. They’ve done it for Latinos with the use of Antonio Sabato Jr. They’ve done it for Caucasians many times with the likes of Joel West, Jamie Dornan, and most recently Matthew Terry.

Idris: Calvin Klein campaigns are seen in shopping malls, on television, billboards, magazines and social media across the world. You may not have seen him in the movie Amistad, but you know you saw Djimon Hounsou’s beautiful African body in their Steel underwear campaign.

Tony: We love the idea of using a fresh face so we would cast Krit McClean. He has the body and attitude for the underwear campaign, the face for fragrance and eyewear, not to mention the overall look and fit for the collection. He has both commercial appeal and an editorial edge to really compete with his white counterparts. And that’s even playing it safe. Krit’s half Thai and half British, but the industry has already been playing it safe so why not push the envelope a little bit further. Make him a leading man and the object of desire for a girl like Christy, Kate, Natalia, or Lara.

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Ben Allen

See some of our favorite street style looks from Paris Fashion Week day 3 & 4!

Photos by Melodie Jeng for Models.com

Saskia de Brauw

Benjamin Jarvis

Flint Louis Hignett

Isabeli Fontana

Dominik Hahn

Candice Swanepoel

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