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Show package fever has arrived and the SS 10 sweepstakes have been kicked off with directional agencies upping the design and production ante. Take for instance this teaser preview from One Mgmt that revels in a kind of 60’s Kennedy era Pop vibrancy. Check out this advance video for the evidence and stay tuned for the full version on onemanagement.com/news later this week…

[flashvideo filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/08/1mgmtss10.mov image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/08/1mgmtss10.jpg width=600 height=450 controlbar=over bufferlength=20 /]

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  1. Robert says:

    Gorgeous! But who’s got 7 minutes anymore?

  2. k i c says:

    cool head piece

  3. AaronP says:

    Wow I loved this!! The first girl looked a lot like Lily Donaldson to me. I wish every girl would go around wearing their make up like these girls every day. So sophisticated and beautiful

  4. PR says:

    Creative Battle with supreme has begun!

  5. Antonio Barros says:

    Lovely video, gorgeous girls…. but I agree with Robert, who has 7 minutes to spend watching the video?! I saw just the 3 first girls…


  6. Marquis de Lannes says:

    J’adore le côté “retro”!!!

  7. TheKid says:

    Wowsers! Its so nice to see a modelling agency other than supreme do something different and creative! Is this what their cards look like?

  8. scout says:

    Very interesting, artistic and original. I like how they are doing their own thing instead of copying Supreme as usual. It is a little long, gets a little boring, and the girls aren’t very individualized, but I think it works overall.

  9. Padre says:

    Omg, so creative, beautiful. a very ambitious concept and great skills to materialize, congrats can ‘t wait to see the other show packages!!

  10. lizzie says:

    I feel like I should be watching this in some grungy theater in the east village while discussing the film afterwards with the english editors in attendance and witnessing the New York underground. Is this really from a modeling agency???????

  11. vidkid says:

    LOVE IT….

  12. Fashion says:

    Very creative, but how can you see the girls??

  13. RRRaul says:

    I agree with the some of the other readers, I clicked after the 4th girl. One girl after the other looked the same except maybe a different color background.

  14. Jen says:

    Way too long and repetitive.

  15. DerekPR says:

    amazing! i love how “warholly” and underground this is … can’t wait to see the actual cards!!

  16. PaulNo. says:


  17. Mark says:

    This is a cool idea. I am really hoping ONE models get back on track after last last years mess.
    Let’s see if Supreme can top this. My only criticism is that it was too long to watch. I could not get
    past the 5th girl. But looks very original. You guys are a creative bunch. Good luck!!!!!!!!!

  18. Party Marty says:

    this is just trying too hard

  19. jaod says:

    Esta original!!!!

  20. JM49 says:

    this movie is a little long but very refreshing to see something new, different and well executed. Things were starting to seem repetetive with these show package seasons, always hoping for something new but outside of one or two agencies we are always getting the same thing over and over. You know who will be interesting, you know who will be nice, classic but the same as every other year, and you know who will try and greatly fail. All in all I have to say, I like it a lot, Thanks for the share and something bloody new!

  21. Amarilla says:

    It was a nice idea but poorly executed IMO. America’s attention span is not what it used to be. If the video was sped up and edited for unnecessary BS that makes it longer for no reason, it would be more effective.

  22. fashion thoroughbred says:

    Uh…Original? Mai no mai-dames et monsieurs!
    Anyone who is has any real knowledge or experience
    will note IMMEDIATELY the glaring knockoff of the
    cover of Avedon’s new retrospective book. As we all
    know, there is very little in this industry that is original-
    but this is just blatant copyright infringement!
    It would have been more of a revelation if ONE attempted
    to take the 60’s idea and been a little more inventive-and with
    it made the girls stand out as individuals rather than
    paper doll carbon copies of each other, n’est ce pas?
    The effort of any agency should be to focus on the individual beauty and uniqueness of both the girl–and the agency.
    Unabashedly copying Avedon and Warhol( i.e Elvis) only confirms
    that there are too few “visionaries” in this industry—and the ONE that singularly still exemplifies this–is Women/Supreme( Paul Rowland).
    I can only be a hypocrite here and end with a take on Bono’s “One” Gap t-shirt series….’TI(RED)

  23. fashion thoroughbred says:

    P.S: any questions on the copyright question-simply Google Images Avedon 1944-2000 and see for yourself…in short, they simply just copied Avedon’s image–erased the “Avedon” script on the head and replaced it with “ONE” and cut and paste their models faces in where Jean Shrimpton’s face was! Ughh! Shaaayyyyddee!

  24. fashion thoroughbred says:

    No surprises here…Seems that Models.com doesn’t abide by freedom to voice ONES opinion other than Waynes–thank God for modern technology….taking a photograph of your post is all of the documentation and proof ONE needs to confirm the absolute bias, falsehoods and con-artistry….
    I will post for all of those who are interested on a site that doesn’t subscribe to Iranian Government style infringement on the truth–

  25. JM49 says:

    haha Wow, well are you finished telling us how you really feel fashion self proclaimed thoroughbred? Because if you are, I would like to educate you on a thing or two. Since fashion began retrospectives and fashion references have been made by the biggest and best, which very much includes your number one voted creative visionary Paul Rowland at women/supreme(who 100% deserves respect for his accomplishments). If you are really going to go into great detail and reference it seems that I do recall a blatent ‘copy right infringement!’ that was made by the one and only when they took their entire show package and re made the exact characters of avedon’s portrait series from one of his many very famous books and executed them to the T with no modern twist. So before you start rambling on with such intense conviction, pick up a book or two and make an attempt to understand things a tad more clear shall we?

    that’s all.

  26. TheKid says:

    I thought this was a fun post! Who knew that it would turn into such passionate opinions flying all over the place! I guess they can say that they got peoples attention at least lol lol lol. So crazy…..

  27. Lori says:
  28. style donkey says:

    ^^ thoroughbread, whoa chill dude, it’s called derivative work. Anyway it’s pretty creative, if a little long-winded. kind of like your crazy rant come to think of it.

  29. trumancapote says:

    i cant agree more with “fashion thoroughbred”

    n i also think the it s all very pretencious….if this people working in the model agancy has all this talent why they dont do that ful time? like the overextimated mr supreme whi every seasin has to kill us with those horrible images ( which this seasin look way better then usually do )btw what s the connection between supreme n V? do they own the mag? lol

  30. fashion thoroughbred says:

    Good Morning all! First, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to both Wayne and to all at Models.com. Due to laziness on my part( and a hard night out) I inadvertently left the screen up–and someone( who I am confident is the culprit)decided to use my open page to write their own comment( we’re not bosom buddies obviously)—
    Secondly, to those who responded in with such false hubris and hostility to what I deemed a very lighthearted clarification for those who missed the connection–please read the following legal description of who is allowed to make “derivative art”….Unfortunately, we do NOT live in Canada, where apparently, the inspiration for this “derivative art” concept came from. In Canada, the laws that apply to “derivative art” are MUCH different than of those here in the U.S. Please review the following excerpts taken from both the U.S Government and from various websites from law firms that specialize in copyright law. Since there are so many creative people in this industry, I feel this information will clarify for many and hopefully save some $$ in lawyer fees. Thank you TrumanCapote and Lori( they didn’t have permission I assure you) for your voices of reason…For further “blatant” confirmation–go to:

    and take a look at the covers and the black and white image and then go back and look at the ONE site again. Any questions?

    Last I looked, I don’t think anyone at ONE is named Richard Avedon.

    Who Can Produce Derivative Works?

    “ONLY THE COPYRIGHT OWNER has the exclusive right to produce, and profit from, an original work by making a new derivative work. A copyright owner can grant permission to someone else to make a derivative work based on the original. If permission is not granted, the secondary work is considered to be a copy of the original. This makes the new work’s originator liable for copyright infringement. Derivative work laws protect the copyright owner from having his or her original work reproduced without his or her consent.

    Copyright owners who feel derivatives are too close to their original work may initiate a legal battle. But the courts are unpredictable in terms of derivation rulings. That’s because there aren’t a set number of words, lines or notes that can be used safely without permission. Determining the creator’s intent is even more difficult.

    Parodies were notoriously in the spotlight in 1994 when the rap group 2 Live Crew released a parody of Roy Orbison’s 1964 song “Pretty Woman.” 2 Live Crew’s version was a comment on the changing sexual mores of America in the 30 years since Orbison’s hit. The Supreme Court upheld that the rap group’s recording was a fair use of the material borrowed from Orbison’s hit, rather than copyright infringement based on a new, derivative work.

    But not all artists have lady luck on their side in the courtroom. In 1985, muralist Jack Mendenhall painted a photograph originally taken by advertising photographer Hal Davis. A federal court awarded the Davis $11,000 in damages, $4,000 in legal fees, and granted him the painting’s copyright. In essence, Davis was entitled to compensation for all future use of Mendenhall’s painting.”

    The Canadian take on it…(Christopher Michael please take note)

    “Some jurisdictions do not use the term derivative work but nonetheless extend copyright protection to such original works through the relevant copyright statute. For example, Canada’s Copyright Act AWKWARDLY includes derivative works within the definition of “every original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work” as follows (emphasis added):

    “Every original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work includes every original production in the literary, scientific or artistic domain, whatever may be the mode or form of its expression, such as compilations, books, pamphlets and other writings, lectures, dramatic or dramatico-musical works, musical works, translations, illustrations, sketches ….”

  31. Padre says:

    Don’t listen to the haters!! It’s amazing, I’m sure Paul Rowland is feeling a little pressure, what if he throws his package away after seeing this ONE?? :)

  32. Lance LaBreche says:

    I’d have to say that my favorite parts are the rocket/space sequences!! : )
    (shameless plug intended)

  33. ines says:

    this video makes all the girls look identical. besides ymre. cool idea though.

  34. DutroncFan says:

    For an homage to Avedon, this comes AMAZINGLY close to the spirit of his mid-60’s work. VERY impressive and distinctive in its own right.

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