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May 8th, 2009 by betty | Model News
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Jullien Herrera by Eric Mas

Red Model Management strikes gold with 2 strong new faces for both its men’s and women’s divisions. Red’s men’s board gets a shot of adrenaline with 17 year old Californian, Jullien Herrera, an athlete blessed with chiseled features and a lean body perfect for the runways. 20 year old Brazilian Ana Catherina is already being compared to Brazil’s most famous export. The 5’11” leggy beauty exudes confidence and poise as seen in these pics.




Ana Catharin. pol by Red

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  1. Step in the spotlight says:

    Ana is amazing!! Those legs are magnificent!!!
    xoxo Step in the spotlight

  2. vivian petrarca says:

    WOW!!!!!!! julian is PERFECT, definitely star quality, the next brad pitt!!!!!!

  3. Timothy Rosado says:




  4. Miss Jeffrey says:

    They’ve always had great guys, but their women’s divison has gotten stronger!

  5. Heather Connor says:

    I like your eye for young new talent. Jullien is going to have a very bright future!

  6. Tbone says:

    looking good JULIAN…..
    what a babe…….

  7. Stacy Balibrea says:

    Red just hit the jackpot by signing you Jullien!

  8. Sam says:


  9. amy p says:

    Jullien’s destined for great things!!!!

  10. trumancapote says:

    all those new faces, doesn t matter wich agency are from, they all look like clones..totally forgiveble the istant after u saw them….

  11. druu says:

    def. two to look out for!

  12. AAAA_Image says:

    Who took the photos should go back to school! They are point and shoot photos, I’m sorry but this ass kissing has me feeling feeling a bit ill. Athletic figure is not accurate. Runway is more accurate, great for clothing but to compare Julian to an athlete is a stretch. Just my humble opnion. If I shot them they would be good.

  13. AAAA_Image says:

    Julian athletic? Runway perhaps

  14. AAAA_Image says:

    They need to visit me to get some proper photographs,

  15. LynnNee says:

    Ana Catharin!
    Look at her perfect legs!!!!

  16. Tanya says:

    Woo, well hello there Jullien ;)
    He’s absolutely georgous & I am soo jealous of Ana’s legs :(

  17. Mr. Diva says:

    Jullien and Ana are superb finds. The Scouts at Red have once again proven an eye for talent. Can’t wait to see more! Simply Marvelous!

  18. Tierna Russell says:

    Wow! Jullien is a natural…he’s intriguing, intense and innocent all at the same time….I want to see more!

  19. eric says:

    jullien is amazing. he is a dream for clothing designers and photographers. and yes, his body is lean and athletic. ana is also perfection.

  20. Charlotte says:

    julian is GORGEOUS

  21. properfigure says:

    ok guys cool it. Julien is very stricking and makes a number in the pack. has nice features and lines, a bit too hard but NOT a contender for major campaigns.

  22. simon says:

    I was on here, checking out the news, and i see a long time friends little brother on the blog, hope he gets to go far!

    idk about the next brad pitt, more like the next Taylor Fuchs!

    Good Luck

  23. Baby C says:

    RED ROCK!!!

  24. Auntie knows says:

    Two of you have some homework to do. Jullien is athletic in every sense of the word. Athletic and Runway will come together via Jullien. Major campaigns…well just watch for them.

  25. Givenchy says:

    I want to see supplémentaire photos. Julien has magnifique face!

  26. Ryo says:

    Ok I’ll be honest, after reading the article and seeing the actual finds I felt a bit underwhelemed. Julien does have instant appeal tho. Just my 2cents.

  27. Paptimus Scirocco says:


    his polls are on reds blog site

  28. Elvire says:

    Don’t like his mouth at all!

  29. Trish says:

    Jullien is awesome, he has a great look!

  30. Ms. Fashionista says:

    Paptimus Scirocco: Thanks for the link to view more on Julien’s polls. Looks like he will be in New York this Friday. Looking forward to seeing this fresh new face in person!

  31. Mr. Diva says:

    Also found a video clip of him – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b_6sykoLf8

  32. April says:

    Wow…Jullien is totally model material! I can definitely see him up on the billboards and walking the runways! He’s got a great body and a gorgeous face!!! I can’t wait to see how far he will go in the business!

  33. lillyofthe world says:

    You know, I cant believe how people go over board with all this.
    I sure hope he does well, because if he doesnt, Im blaming all of you for being extra

  34. adam says:

    jullien is sexy!!!!!!!!!!

  35. VChannel says:

    I don’t know if people are going overboard or just giving their honest opinion. As for me, I think Julien has a very smoldering look. I would be very surprised if someone doesn’t snag him for a campaign.

    We will see!

  36. Faith Stenner says:

    heyyy jullien its ur cousin faith. u look great. im soo happy for you. :)

  37. VS says:

    Jullien is a wonderful site to see, thanks red hot for sharing with the world.

  38. TheAgentMan says:

    Jullien is now in NY!!!!

    The hype has given way to a reality. I was onset with him today and all I can say is………..SUPERNOVA!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Mr. Diva says:

    The hype has become reality…YVY Magazine “Jullien Herrera for Calvin Klein” http://www.yvymag.com/2009/05/jullien-herrera-for-calvin-klein/

    Also an article titled “Fresh Look at Calvin Klein” features Jullien Herrera http://thefashionisto.com/blog/2009/05/a-fresh-look-at-calvin-klein/.

    SwipeLife was very impressed with Calvin Klein’s Fall/Winter 09 collection designed by Italo Zucchelli featuring Jullien Herrera http://swipelife.com/2009/05/22/calvin-klein-fallwinter-2009-preview/#more-13669

    Who will be the lucky designer to nab Jullien for an “EXCLUSIVE” S/S 2010?

  40. Dorian says:

    shw is hot…and the dude looks like he’s straight from Europe.

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