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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. milex says:

    My girl Magdalena even without make-up is a perfection

  2. chungkingexpressions says:

    I didn’t even recognize Edie without her usual aloof look.

  3. Luís says:

    Daiane, Carolina Thaler, Daria and Diana are my favorites.

  4. ebencipe says:

    Magdalena’s cheekbone, expression and pose is sooo jadore! Diana’s dark brown hair is sooo ethreal! Love to see the models with their own interpretation of style.. !!! <3


  5. Savannah says:

    Models smiling made me so happy. Wonderful style.

  6. Tarn Bastoni says:

    I absolutely love all the models styles. Very cool and relevant, on trend.

  7. joão says:

    lindas!sou apaixonado pela Edie Campbel e fiquei fã da anmari,andrea e da Carol thaler!a se eu estivesse nessa rua eu ia beijar todas essas princesas!

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