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April 20th, 2009 by betty | Model News, Model Style
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Dan Felton/Red Models. Photos: MDC

Modelstyle: Our favorite models with style

Model: Dan Felton

Wearing: H&M hat, G Star jacket, Ted Baker scarf/belt and bag, Gap sweater (I slashed it myself), Zara pants and t-shirt, Nike shoes.

Where: Stromboli’s Pizzeria on St Mark’s Place in the East Village

Why: It’s good pizza and it’s open late after a night out. Pizza sessions at 6 in the morning!

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  1. Grayson says:

    hell yeah dan!!!
    nicee workkk mate.


  2. Ryan says:

    that poor sweater! looks like a round in the waching machine will finish it off :(

  3. Sena says:

    “that poor sweater! looks like a round in the waching machine will finish it off :(”

    This seasons Dior Homme are exactly the same – Available in Black & Gold … he’s right on trend!

  4. trumancapote says:

    he s right on trend as much as Dior ..we have been seen the same images moels style for the last..i dont even know how many years..seems like after the punk revolution youg generation have not been able to do anything else..but some 1 call this…STYLE….shoudn t style to be a thinthat s so personal that any1 can take form u …..lol

  5. Diego dias says:

    Lucas rsrsrsr!!!

  6. Grizzly says:

    “…make people stare at me in a weird way.” I was going to complement his face until I watched the video and found out how pretentious he was. And why are gauges acceptable now? It should have just started and stopped with Josh Beech.

  7. thisonehere says:

    why would gauges not be acceptable? ‘i should of started and stopped with josh beech’ ??? he has gauges aswell.

  8. thisonehere says:

    pretentious- making an exaggerated outward show

    half of the stuff in this industry is an exaggerated outward show, so what he said isn’t an issue to be honest.

  9. Grizzly says:

    p.s. I know what pretentious means, I didn’t use it so idiots could copy and paste the definition from dictionary.com or something of that nature and use it to (abortively) refute me.

  10. thisonehere says:

    Idiot? If you know what it means, you would know, you have used it in the wrong context.

  11. Really? says:

    oh please, he looks like every other punk kid in L.E.S

  12. ette says:

    british humour and the way of speaking seems to have went over a few peoples heads. also he has such nice eyes.

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