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April 9th, 2013 by models.com | Girls, Model News
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The Face’s Zi Lin (MIX Model Mgmt), part of #TeamNaomi, sat down with us to discuss what it is like coming to New York from China and being in the spotlight for the first time. A continued favorite of Naomi, Zi Lin is proving that fantasy can be reality as she takes on the industry circuit. With a television debut under her belt and a uniquely sexy vibe that sets her apart from the sea of new faces, Zi Lin is poised to make the jump from the small screen to the catwalks.

Photo by Stephan Moskovic for Models.com

Zi Lin speaks below about her recent experiences:

Being on The Face was a great thing because I had to prove for the first time I really wanted to model and win.

Most days were 10-12 hours with the cameras following you. In the beginning the other girls could not talk to each other but after there were 12 of us left, they filmed us during our off time and that is where the drama comes from; although most of the girls were very nice and we would just hang out and cook together.

I feel my English is better than on The Face, because I was nervous. I began to learn English as a girl in China, but it is hard because we learn to write first and in our head we still think in Chinese. Being on the show has helped me learn to speak clearly and think about what I am saying.

I love New York! It reminds me of Shanghai. You can find almost anything here and both are very diverse. I am happily based in New York now.

Naomi has been so amazing. She looks very tough but she cares a lot. If she like the things you do, she will tell you and if not she will tell you as well. It’s very helpful to have specific feed back and that has helped me grow. Naomi has been with me every step of the way and continues to guide me now.

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  1. Tyler says:

    I loved her on the show! She’s lovely.

  2. Teng says:


  3. kat says:

    Definite reality show personality!

  4. milex says:

    Her lips are everything

  5. Shaneesha says:

    6 foot stunner! Karlie Kloss watch out! New girl on the block to take the #1 spot! This girl is FIERCE. Saw her on The Face.

  6. paris says:

    best gal in the show! the face, the walk!

  7. hong ray says:

    go! zi lin,go!

  8. GP says:

    Love her. I watched The Face because of her.

  9. Arma says:

    Best girl of the show!

  10. evr says:

    she is amazing, i hope we see her everywhere

  11. roo says:

    ZI LIN!

  12. BBC says:


    She was robbed.

  13. gabe says:

    She was gooooooorgeous at the Miss Universe pageant two years ago in Brazil. Her styling (that horrific gown and very 90s hairdo) was totally wrong ergo she made it as far as 4th runner up only.

  14. Tyler says:

    Fei fei and Liu Wen have a baby?! lol

  15. poiuaa says:

    preety good!

  16. Paolo Kamoei says:

    Uma estrela oriental nasce no universo fashion… Linda mulher!

  17. @ReeceJaye says:

    Glad that she is still gonna do something after the competition, alot of reality show models don’t really get anywhere and being on the show kills their career

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