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IMG beauty Jac walked into MDC this morning and instantly OTM put everything on the schedule on hold to upload this digital and video as the new MDC cover. Flawless body lines …an impeccable walk…stunning face…this girl is what every casting director in town prays will walk into the room this season. We suspect Jac might very well trigger a stampede to Poland to try to source more girls like this. And just like that, the Top 10 Newcomers FW 09 sweepstakes are off.

[flashvideo filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/02/jac.mov image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2009/02/jac-v.jpg width=600 height=450 /]

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  1. Olga says:

    She’s amazing. Monika was simply born to be a model. Go girl!

  2. Tom says:

    Love the walk. Jac definately has a future.

  3. kko says:

    wow! I’ve always been in love with her eds but that’s ther first time I’ve actually seen her walk! I can’t wait to see her do more runway :D!

  4. poni says:


  5. K says:

    Her walk kinda creeps me out, but shes got a gorgeous face. stunning

  6. Ambigous says:

    Oh great. Polish Invasion!

  7. Kurt says:

    Is this girl Monika Jagaciak? But her name is shortened to Jac?

  8. Lory says:

    WOWOWOWOWOW….. sorry but this does not work for me. I don’t understand what you all find so great about her. And her body is WAY to skinny in my opinion. She looks like she is about to snap!

  9. Harun says:

    yes, the girls is great.

    lg harun

  10. Olga says:

    Yes, it’s Monika Jagaciak

  11. lily says:

    i can do with out

  12. MDC_368394 says:

    “We suspect Jac might very well trigger a stampede to Poland to try to source more girls like this.”

    …And that’s quite interesting, actually.

    There are many girls with model potential here, but unfortunately not always beautiful face goes along with right height. From my ‘experience’ the most striking girls are actually shorties. They may have right body, but there are always a few inches missing… I’m assuming that 5’10 is a perfect model height, correct me if i’m wrong.

    Monika (yes that’s her name) is a rare example of polish girl with both striking face and good height. Not to mention slender body and that mysterious ‘it-factor’ surrounding her. she has it ALL.

  13. Christopher Y says:

    WOW… She left me speechless, that’s one of the best walks i’ve seen in a while…

  14. Kurt says:

    Sweet, I love the name Jac. :)

  15. Diego Dias Dias says:


  16. Poopies says:

    Another blond hair, blue eyed tall Caucasian model… I honestly do not see what everyone is excited about. If you guys watch a CK runway show, you’ll see a bunch of models that practically look identical to each other.

  17. K says:


    Sometimes a face is more valuable than a statuesque figure. (of course, I don’t mean like, 5’3″)

  18. Chan says:

    Well,I think she’s quite pretty but there are many models who are identical to her. Nothing So special, but still, go girl!

  19. Natalia says:

    I am SO SO happy that more Polish girls are coming onto the scene. Hopefully Monika, along with potential new Polish models (which Im sure we will be seeing a lot of; fingers crossed), join the likes of Anja, Magdalena and Kasia as being some of the best models in the industry. Here’s hoping!
    Pozdrowienia z Kanady Monika! Buziaki x

  20. MaoaM says:

    i am courious about which kind of look does jac will represent? few years ago it was the baby-face look with sasha, vlada, stam, gemma, tanya. now the pure elegant blondes are storming the runways like anna jagodzinska, anna selezneva, toni garrn, edita vilkeviciute. jac reminds me on irina kulikova and sigrid agren.

  21. trumancapote says:

    a model s only a product of art diecotors make up hair n photographer ( n nowdays retoucher ) so this or another that will look like her will be just the same..the differnce will be the final produc..n the fact the so often the “older” models r making a second coming should say somethng to agancy n to u guys always lookign 4 the new big star…5 10 n cute face s nothing

  22. Ali says:

    She I´ll be Icon .

  23. JP says:

    Who cares what the model looks like. I want to see the clothes!

  24. MaoaM says:

    So exactly this is what I meant. If the model is not Natalia Vodianova, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Sasha or Karen Elson with some really extraordinary looks (and of course with equivalent interesting personality), models like Anabela Belikova, Lisa Cant, Vlada, Snejana, Lydia Hearst, Delfine Bafort, Ann Oost, Karmen Pedaru, etc., etc. are only trendy models for certain seasons. But it seemes to be naturally, something you can not change. The so called “Business”…

    Post scriptum: I am not looking for the new big star, I am just observing the facts…

  25. Liv says:

    Sooo pretty, but her face is rather blank, a very “typical” beauty.
    And she’s only 15 and has been modeling all over the world since she was 13, it kind of creeps me out.

  26. FromBrazil says:

    She keeps me wanting to see more! Isn’t that the idea?

    Her face is strong yet so soft! Love her jawline and catlike eyes… her profile is great too; mouth and teeth so cute =) She’s young, and it’s too early to say what will happen, she’s very very cute though and I’m sure she’ll grow even more beautiful. Props for IMG!

  27. Vancouver says:

    Does anyone know where her FashionSpot page is? I want to see more of this girl!
    She is amazing!

  28. FromBrazil says:
  29. Becky says:

    wow! wish i was like that haha!
    amazing walk and very pretty

  30. Olga says:

    @Vancouver – at tfs she’s listed as Monika Jagaciak :)

  31. Maja says:

    Polska=naturalne piękno
    Poland=natural beauty.That’s true.

  32. gabby says:

    every time i see her on the runway i have to do a double take because i keep thinking it’s irina kulikova.
    and i love irina so that means i love her too.

  33. Model Whispers says:

    man you are always sooooooooo right.

  34. Alejandra says:

    She’s stunning, but her walk isn’t that great. Whoever said she is the best walker seen, then you have not seen enough to grasp a true walk.

  35. richard says:

    Congrats to eveyone at IMG …your Jac is stunning ….

  36. atta says:

    She’s stunning!

  37. person says:

    She is indeed beautiful. She reminds me a bit of Caroline Trentini, sort of. Her big, light blue eyes are to die for!

  38. xoxo says:

    she is the one who felt @herve leger right?

  39. jenny says:

    she is such a model!i like her..i like her face.

  40. Romy says:


  41. Theo says:

    You’re joking right? She’s so plain and boring! Your endorsements and hype without merit become more comical each day. Honestly, with this economy, and the creative slump, do you think what fashion really needs is more of the same crap? How in the world are you going to distinguish this one from any of the other models on the catwalk, or anywhere? You will not. The end. F for IMG, get some taste. I’m not visiting this site anymore.

  42. EVAN MONACO says:

    I think she is ok

  43. Vinciano says:

    Could possibly be the greatest of all times. She’s that special. <3

  44. LIFE OF BRIAN08 says:

    JAC…WHAT IS HER WHOLE NAME???????????????????

  45. betty says:

    Her full name is Monica Jagaciak


  46. MaoaM says:

    Monika Jagaciak – in Polish is the English “c” written as “k” :)

    For example: Karolina instead of Carolina, kontakt instead of contact, kolor instead of color and so on.

    Polish – one of the most difficult languages in the world… :)

  47. Natalia 'bigZ' says:

    Difficult but beautiful
    – but heck I’m biased.

  48. betty says:

    oops, I stand corrected on Monika’s first name.


  49. agniezka says:

    she looks pretty and fresh still young well a new comer whos dominating the runway on fall/winter 2009 still untouched by stress of modeling job and pressure from anorexia and smoking ive seen in every modeling forum everyone wanted that supermodels back or someone who can reign in it but unfortunately its not what fashion and agency wanted they dont care if a model is short lived in the industry cause supermodel is just a myth nowadays they had enough with supermodels acting so primadonna demanding for higher pay per catwalk and making designers “work for them” not in reverse so thats why agents prefer to pick someone who they see in the street to become a model still edgy enough can make good photos and can look character in runway but not as charismatic

  50. elle says:

    On that vid shes amazing, her walk is sooo stunnin. But sometimes at the catwalk she looks kinda umm ugly and I think the reason is every time too much make-up on her face… she looks then too old and its not natural. shes beautiful without anything.

  51. Bob says:

    she is so thin, and in the same way so hot.

  52. Sophie says:

    even though shes another blond blue eye color model.
    but she’s the perfect model case…
    and look at her body..its just naturally made..
    cant get that body 2 health or surgery i guess XD
    go JAC ur -biggest fan-

  53. Kadi says:

    What is Jac’s last name?

  54. xxx says:

    Monika Jagaciak

  55. MDC_391884 says:

    I honestly dont understand why there wasn’t one African American girl in the Top 10 Newcomer ! Really sad..

  56. betty says:

    It’s based on who did the most shows of the top designers…


  57. Luca says:

    After Gia..

  58. Christina says:

    her bone structure is absolutley unbelievable…

    she’s fifteen for christ’s sake!

  59. Kayley says:

    Absolutely stunning. A born star. Wow Polish models are burning up the scene!

  60. emm says:

    She is awesome.

  61. Julie Ling says:

    love love love her.
    she tops my fav.’s with gemma

  62. 345678 says:


  63. sIut says:

    She reminds of a really young, really thin Coco Rocha.

  64. maya says:

    I have followed the fashion scene for many years. There is something very special about this girl that I have not seen in a long time. I hope she does well.

  65. ula says:

    poland is famous for beautiful women ;) come and see ;)

  66. Jaroslav says:

    She is wonderful, beautiful and looks like a brilliant!

  67. gunn says:

    kasia struss, monika jagaciak, anja rubik, magdalena frackowiak, anna jagodzinska are also successful polish models.

  68. Indira says:

    It’s very funny and touching seeing this post again :) she’s so young back then. yet she has a great, rocket-like career right from the start. being the most-talked-about new comers without actually walk on the shows (the banning stuffs). On 2010 just a year before her debut she rank #9 on top 50 list. She achieved so many things in her young age. I hope she’ll always do well on modelling industry. And lasts until her old time, bcs i’m pretty sure this girl has the rarest thing in modelling, longevity.

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