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February 12th, 2012 by Jonathan Shia | Boys, Fashion Week, Menswear, Model News
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< The classic menswear brand Joseph Abboud pulled out all the stops for new designer Bernardo Rojo's first Fall collection, showing sharp suiting and elegant sportswear in the label's first runway show since 2005. There was a distinct emphasis on strong tailoring and an overall sense of straightforward masculinity in the velvet blazers and sturdy coats, topped off with a finale of beautifully cut tuxedos. Designer: Bernardo Rojo for Joseph Abboud
Stylist: Serge Girardi
Makeup: Max DeLorme
Casting: Andrew Weir for ACW
Production: Eyesight
Images by Betty Sze for models.com

Models in images:
James Smith
Reid Prebenda
RJ King
Ferdi Sibbel
Sean O’Pry
Florian Van Bael
Simone Nobili
Alexander Beck
Arthur Gosse
David Agbodji
Ryan Koning
Mat Gordon
Vince Harrington
Reid Prebenda
Ryan Kennedy
Joan Pedrola

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  1. Emily says:

    ryan kennedy looks like a GOD! jaw dropping!

  2. Cait65075 says:

    It’s Joan Mirangels, not Pedrola.

  3. Claudio says:

    Very very masculin, the collection does not seem very right now, I like that, has the feel of sth that could have been done in the 90´s ,the textures seem very rich. nice

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