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September 6th, 2011 by Rosie | Fashion Week, Girls, Model News
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It’s well known that the Elite Model Look contest is a place where future stars are discovered. Past stellar finds include Isabeli Fontana,Sigrid Agren, Alessandra Ambrosio… need we say more? The more recent finalists include Julia Saner, Caterina Ravaglia and Ming Xi. Now that’s model scouting at some of it’s finest! 2009’s Elite Model Look UK finalist Nyasha Matonhodze is another great success story, landing the Louis Vuitton campaign and two covers of LOVE magazine. This year’s UK finalists are no exception to the rule – and here they are, photographed by Jessie Craig, exclusively for MODELS.com. Who do you think will be the standouts?

Mae Taylor, 15, from Hertfordshire, UK

Olivia Harte, 14, from London, UK | Olivia Smith, 15, from Kent, UK

Madelaine Hooton, 15, from North Yorkshire is the EML UK 2011 winner

Abbie Fawcett, 15, from Swindon, UK | Catherine Donnelly, 17, from Dublin, Ireland

Isabella Courtney, 14, from Hertfordshire, UK

Jessica Oversier, 17, from The Netherlands | Lois Clapcott, 14, from London, UK

Runner up Emma Weaver, 16, from Sussex, UK | Florence Waller-Carr, 16, from Brighton, UK

Rebecca Parkin, 14, from Manchester, UK

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  1. nouveau visages says:

    Mae Taylor and Rebecca Parkin have futures. Gorgeous girls.

  2. D. says:

    Most of these girls won’t even be able to walk in NY or Paris… Am I right?… NY trying to ban models under 16 on the runway, and Paris’ labor law about age… Other than that.. They’re cute girls…

  3. Maria says:

    Gorgeous girls.. all of them look like model, and have future.. beautiful

  4. Sheuli says:

    Beauties past compare

  5. carola says:

    Love Mae Taylor and Florence Waller. The others look too young.

  6. Alexis says:

    Nice photography… and that’s no wonder since Jessie is extremely talented (and a very nice person). Makes me feel this post seems more like an ode to her photographer’s skills than to scouting at its finest. Sure, the young ladies are pretty but as D. pointed it out, they are teenagers who wouldn’t be able to work full time in Paris and I’d really like to see such contests or modeling events being more opened to older girls — or let’s say women not to use the word “old” which sounds a little gross since we’re talking about people who are only 18-20. See who lasts nowadays, models like Lara Stone who is far from being a teenie queenie. Who did REALLY well recently? Models like Aymeline Valade or Saskia de Brauw, both started their high fashion career past 25 years old. The comment that says they all more or less have a future is a bit disturbing to me at a time when even models who have achieved something high in editorials or on the runway have absolutely no guarantees of doing well six month later… So, contestants of EML that aren’t even signed yet, let me doubt a little.

  7. jake says:

    i like abbie and emma

  8. Jeag Acosta says:

    I just fell in love with all of them… I can see their amazing future :)

  9. helenapow says:

    only rebecca parkin

  10. PhotogTotalAccess says:

    Madelaine and Mae Stand out

    have gr8 PoTenTial

    my 2Cents

  11. kitkat says:

    Alexis: well lara was one of these types of girls at one point–she’s been modeling since she was 14.

    Aymeline and Saskia have also been modeling for quite some time but just recently became successful.

    nobody can really say “oh their career will dwindle in two seasons” about these girls because maybe one of these girls will travel and go through the development process, go to college and grow up to be like Saskia and finally find success in her 20’s…

    But I agree with your attitude–I think the idea of young, new, old, late, fresh, seasoned, washed out should not be relevant anymore.

  12. Jana says:

    I love Abbie. She has a really strong face.

  13. memamemo says:

    Abbie Fawcett, Emma Weaver

  14. Poppy Archer says:

    Isabella Courtney is a natural model. She looks so beautiful!

  15. Marie says:

    They’re all so lovely, but Olivia & Mae just stand out to me. I think Olivia’s got a different look to the rest of them, something special.

    Madelaine deserved it, she looks so mature

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