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One last look: Michael Osbourne/Ford in orange

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  1. Persuazn says:

    His name is actually Matt Gontier.

  2. Persuazn says:

    I was talking about the ‘Jared from Ford
    looks handsome in colored plaid.’ picture.

  3. roxyluv says:

    Aaron is such a hottie!!

  4. lucy says:

    why don’t the pictures turn up?

  5. betty says:

    They do… Maybe try using Safari as your browser, not Firefox or Internet Explorer.. sometimes they can be a little weird.


  6. StanJoukIsSoHot says:

    oh my… its Stan Jouk, hes so hot…. watch my video of him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ_WIMf6eD4

  7. Ocean says:


  8. Ryan Daharsh says:

    No no no, my friends, that is me, Ryan Daharsh. And all the posers can save it! Seriously….. And Stan Jouk is about half my size and far too posy!!!!!

    The real Ryan!

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