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Melodie Monrose. Photographed exclusively for models.com by Jose Covarrubias.

Melodie Monrose for SS11, scorched a path through the runway circuit that was so impressive  that there is no doubt as to her impending editorial  cross-over. From Marc Jacobs to Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Lanvin and YSL, Melodie achieved the rare first season feat of scoring with a wide cross-section of casting directors and designers. That over-lap is a sign that this new Martinique star has provided on the market, something that is greatly needed in fashion these days. That is namely; memorable beauty.

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  1. Beauty Is Diverse says:

    Go Melodie

  2. Models and Style says:

    get it ! she is amazing , what a break through!!!!!!!!

  3. Nigel S. says:

    Melodie is a complete knock-out with a capital K.O. So delicate and free of jade.
    She tore the runway to shreds and shredded that pile too!
    She is thee break out face of S/S11 in my opine, while others were musing over Arizona Muse, who is striking and poised for success in her own right – Ms. Melodie struck all high symbols thus fashioning the sweetest hangover. Much success princess!

  4. Tyler Neal says:

    She is without a doubt the best newcomer in my opinion. After her recent success on the runway, I absolutely cannot wait for the impending editorial crossover. Go Melodie!

  5. glunge says:

    i love melodie. and i love what you guys do with the newcomer posts.
    but this is such an unflattering photo of her.
    i’ve seen a few current shots on the internet with simple hair & makeup that really do her beauty justice.

  6. tf says:

    **Edited for complete idiocy**

  7. Jair says:

    “great face…has the same qualitys as the white female models..finally.”

    WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!


  8. E says:

    Loving her!

  9. SPQR says:

    Melodie is my favorite new model of S/S 11. Great shows in every city, great management by Wilhelmina and Silent. I’m sure Silent is going to do big things for Ms. Monrose in Europe…

  10. LD says:

    “great face…has the same qualitys as the white female models” huh?
    “…finally” WTF???

    Melodie is PHENOMENAL!!! It was exciting to see her show up at show after show.

  11. tby says:

    perfect face , and great walk

  12. Michael Marsh says:

    I want to say one thing;…….. WILHELMINA IS ON THE WAY BACK TO THE TOP!!!!!!
    what is going on there??? I LOVE IT!!!
    they tried so many times , but now they do it!!

    Go wilhelmina go

  13. Vinicius Zanetti says:

    Congratulations to Wilhelmina team!!

    Good girl and good job Roman, Fuji and …!! going to the top.

    Big hug for you.

  14. Josh says:

    She is amazing!! I hope she is embraced by Anna Wintour in the future. Melodie & Joan in an editorial together would be amazing!!! I hope Anaiis Mali makes it on the Top 10 list, as well.

    @tf- your comment is beyond ignorant.

  15. SpeakUpCurvyGirls says:

    I love her! What a great face! And an awesome first season she literally got all the big names! I guess we are going to hear a lot more from her in the future!


  16. Joe says:

    she was everywhere!

  17. pascale says:

    People make everything racial a beautiful girl is a beautiful girl white or black beauty comes in all different forms let’s stop being so racially conscious!!!!!

  18. Vitamine W says:


    Nigel said it best;” She tore the runway to shreds and shredded that pile too!”

  19. Brian Keith says:


  20. page says:

    I just knew someone would say something that would reflect an education that was halted at the 3rd grade (tf). I know there is free speech but such passive aggressive racism SHOULD NOT be tolerated on a public board. It’s disgusting and this comment should not have been approved.

    But all of that aside, I am very happy for Melodie. She is quite stunning & and EVERY model, be they black, white, asian or other should watch out for the fire Ms. Monrose is about to set to the fashion industry.

  21. nick says:

    I agree with Page, I personally think rude, negative, and racist comments should not be posted? It serves no purpose, What a ugly person to write such a vile comment. On a lighter note I ADORE Ms. Monrose a Star is born!

  22. 2cool4school says:

    Beautiful model with a perfect face for everything and anything, haven’t seen something like this from Wilhelmina in a while…

  23. Mango says:

    I like that girl. Great stare, too. :D

  24. Janelle says:

    I don’t know how that TF comment got through in the first place, it has been removed and I’m sorry you guys had to see / deal with that level of assery.

  25. D. says:

    i was really hoping she would end up on this list. she deserves it.

  26. carola says:

    Wow! She is American Vogue material, so polished, such a beautiful face. There’s no way this girl won’t be a supermodel.

  27. DM says:

    she is amazing and beautiful cant wait to see more and more! she is soft and strong and a natural beauty

  28. Yasmin says:

    Her eyebrow colour looks totally ridiculous, but otherwise she looks great!

  29. Shon Michaux-Simon says:

    I had a chance to work with Melodie this past weekend and she is beautiful. The great thing about it too, she is beautiful on the inside too.

    Makeup Artist

  30. PixMagazine says:

    Amazing girl!!!!!

  31. Candice says:


  32. DM says:

    i agree with Yasmine about the eyebrows, not EVERY person needs to bleach them

  33. patricia ramodzuli says:

    your top girl,you beat the level

  34. Gregory Alexander ( Gregory Antwone Alexander) says:

    Look! >>>> Top! 10 Newcomer SS11: Melodie (Wilhelmina) That’s right Wilhelmina Models. Melodie is the new it Girl. #1 Love you sexy.

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