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You can mark Julia Saner / Elite (Paris) as one of the girls utterly made in Europe off the back of a sensational Milan and Paris show season. With a show run that spanned Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Lanvin, Givenchy, Vuitton and the opening slot of Valentino Julia was the girl model watchers were buzzing about in Paris. Now that the booking sweepstakes have turned from shows to editorials and campaigns expect Julia to be one of those must-book girls on all those call sheets.

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  1. Josh says:

    This is not the greatest picture of her, but she is the most beautiful newcomer I have seen in a while.I see a cosmetics contract in her future, for sure.

  2. tommy fields says:

    The face is amazing… The body is to die for!! Come on NY where is she??
    Which agency?? Models.com do you know??

  3. Nádia says:

    Wow, she is GORGEOUS!!! <3 Impressive!


  4. tby says:

    she is the bomb …..she walk a lot of shows …..very nice walk

  5. Lily says:

    @ tommy fields

    Err.. How about You make a search here in MDC… You know, like “Julia Saner” and it’ll tell You all the amazing facts about the model.
    Crazy, I know, but it works!

  6. Zanita says:

    Woohoo! I love this girl.

    Zanita says:
    September 28th, 2010
    at 4:01 am
    Next up – Julia Saner in Milano!!! So incredibly beautiful, same league as Doutzen or Emily D.

  7. PR says:

    no wonder she had a stellar season. she’s amazing. loved her at Paul & Joe.

  8. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    lovely face, killer figure- stunning beauty

  9. IS THIS IT? models review says:

    I have to admit few months ago I had less expectations than I have now, that’s for sure; I thought she was just the “umpteenth super sweet cutie”, but well, from that point of view, certainly wrong. About her “real dimension”… still don’t know (especially for runway), we’ll see.


  10. karrie says:

    love her~~

  11. Oli says:

    check her video out:


    AMAZING! :-)

  12. anlabe says:

    She’s really beautiful, just like Jessica Clarke and Hailey Clauson, two other newcomers. I would also like to see Iris Egbers as a top ten newcomer, maybe not the most shows, but some pretty good ones.

  13. Joe says:

    I noticed her on the runways ,very pretty girl . Not the greatest picture of her here though

  14. Thomas says:

    A foreign exchange student at my school asked me just the other day if I knew who Julia Saner was. She was ecstatic when I said yes – turns out Julia goes to the same high school as the aforementioned exchange student. Though it’s far from juicy or really all that remarkable, it was nice to hear that apparently Julia is very much a sweetheart to everyone.

    At any rate! Julia’s totally gorgeous, I hope she sticks around for a while. Her face is rather refreshing.

  15. normal guy says:

    gdzie sa cycki?

  16. Yasmin says:

    Hallo Magerwahn!

  17. Mike says:

    I think she looks amazing!!!, and I love this picture she looks fresh, natural and just as she is. These are the type of images that I like to see the models to see how they really are without any pretensions.

  18. Katia says:

    She is really a stunner, I thins she can be the next girl who will hit the next beauty campaigns. Love her in this picture! Day light straight, simple, you can see how she really is. Is this Miguel Reveriego?

  19. Scott says:

    Julia and Theres were my two new favorite girls this season. Glad they both made top 10 .

  20. XStyleBeauties says:

    Wonderful girl !
    Wish her a great carrer .. for our eyes pleasure !

  21. Jade says:

    does anyone else think this girl is just abit too skinny? look at her arms. i’m not a fan of the chanel iman body type. too much. beautiful face tho.

  22. maroi says:

    she is my newwest favorite model

  23. Benster says:

    A beauty. We know thin works but c’mon folks.. she is way too skinny. Sends wrong message.

  24. Boogie says:
  25. MERT says:

    She is a mix between Doutzen Kroes and Coco, LOVE HER!! She looks amazing in this shot!

  26. MarikaS says:

    She is fabulous!!!!

  27. Models and Style says:

    Julia is smashing!!! I like her a lot , congrats to this amazing debut!!!

  28. Camilla says:

    Way too skinny! But good face

  29. Models and Style says:

    I guess every model looks that skinny while doing this kind of pose!

  30. manny says:

    Beautiful girl, oh the irony, “the body is to die for”, she’s dangerously thin.

  31. aislyn says:

    yes very nice!!! beautiful face! but shes Olga-Sherer-skinny!
    thats risky!
    she has a great personality but she should be cautious with her weight!
    anyway cute girl!

  32. kasia says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty Julia!
    my other fav`s are Esme Wissels, Luisa Bianchin and Ilva Hetmann..!

  33. Elena says:

    OH… MY…. GOD!!! She’s so pretty!

  34. Dani says:

    Very pretty face, but she’s a little too thin, no? Hopefully she will fill out more. Hope she is being careful, could use a good 10 lbs.

  35. hani says:

    Sweet Sweet Julia…!
    but please be careful, pay attention to your health!
    shes a lovely person! like all her videos, shes so down-to-earth, really personable! Good luck for her!!

  36. chris says:

    She has an amazing face, but it scares me to read that a number of people here think she has a “killer” body. Are we looking at the same picture here? I suggests some of you look up what she used to look like.

  37. fasshionV says:

    Thats is because they delete the real comments chris…

  38. la says:

    She lost weight, big time. A little too skinny.

  39. j'adore says:

    Now at Ford Models NY.

  40. sarah says:

    shed be BEAUTIFUL if she gained like 10pounds

  41. betty says:


    Here’s my spiel on publishing comments that I go through every couple of months.

    We do not publish comments that are offensive to the person involved. We have published a number of comments about how “thin” she is but the ones that don’t make it are the ones that are outright rude and insulting to the model. I suggest you all remember that this is a human being we are talking about..

    It is perfectly fine not to like or agree with someone’s look but be intelligent and respectful in your comments, stay on topic and you will be published. Ask yourself if you would want someone telling you your “comment”.

    Just so everyone knows, the NY Times and most respected sites moderate comments, so it’s not just us that does that.


  42. alvert says:


  43. Jimena says:

    Im so happy for her! hope she can do big in everything!

  44. Jimena says:

    and she is in Ford Models New York

  45. Kuba says:


    Don’t you think that it is harmful in a way both to the model and to the industry, when a such model, a great person, young lady with a beautiful face but obviously too skinny, is so openly called amazing and pretty. Nobody wants to be mean, we are talking about health here.


  46. Oriana says:

    Gorgeous face! Great slender build and eyes

  47. Irina says:

    She is not too skinny. Stop over-reacting.
    I know people that are even skinnier than her that eat a pack of gummy bears and drink a bottle of coke, like, everyday.
    She’s naturally skinny.
    I actually come from the same country as Julia, namely Switzerland. She was in an article in a Swiss magazine and she wasn’t as skinny in the photos in that article than in this one. So, who knows, they might have just over photoshopped this pic.
    Anyways, some models are mush skinner. For example Anja Rubik? Seen her legs? They’re scarily skinny.

  48. Arun says:

    I know people that are even skinnier than her that eat a pack of gummy bears and drink a bottle of coke, like, everyday.
    She’s naturally skinny.

    fuck. what has this business done to your brain..

  49. Me says:

    she rockz. a little skinny but okay for me.

  50. misspristine says:

    stupify us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….

  51. Summer10 says:

    I think her agency posted half of these comments

  52. nicole says:

    She is beautiful but way too thin… It is time that we see real women a models.

  53. Emily Rae says:

    Beautiful facial structure. Body is great but, are they all suppose to be this skinny?

  54. Ligo Saint says:

    Way too skinny! But she has a good face.

  55. Made in Europe.. says:

    Das ist schon gut model!..

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