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  1. Nelson says:

    Luis Borges is Portuguese :)

    And Kelvin Is Amazing!!!

  2. BaxrackstevaW says:

    I live for Sevy

  3. wendy-kristy says:
  4. TaraRayee says:

    love his look.

  5. TaraRayee says:

    ^Boris Loeve

  6. Suzy M. says:

    Theo Lacagne!

  7. franche' says:

    Beautiful show package!

  8. Abooda Palooza says:

    WAAAAAAAA!! i wanna have my hair like Magnus Alinder

  9. tyra says:

    Pierre Barreda !!!

  10. Vero says:

    David Asdrubal trop beau !!

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