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Fei Fei/Elite. Image courtesy of Elite Paris

Breakthrough doesn’t adequately describe the path Fei Fei blazed this season in Europe. If you’ll forgive the hyperbole, what this 20 year old did was smash her way into the consciousness of key photographers, editors, stylists and designers via her turns for Jil Sander, Celine, Miu Miu and Hermes. With her distinctive walk and charismatic personality this highly favored girl will certainly be in heavy rotation for the next few months.

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  1. All about Models says:

    Oh my … Fei Fei is breathing. She totally fit into the top ten newcomer. Fresh + unusual and eye-catching.

  2. Joe says:

    Loved her at Miu Miu ! I didn’t know who she was at first ,ever since I’m a Fei Fei fan

  3. S says:

    I’ve loved Sun Fei Fei ever since her Elite model look days.

  4. amelie says:

    ugh i love her!

  5. yuichi says:

    hello? Fei Fei didn’t walk for Chloe & Louis Vuitton..she walked for Hermes, Dries, Celine, Thierry Mugler & Elie Saab though ^^ love her!

  6. Jas says:


  7. glunge says:

    she wasn’t at vuitton.

  8. frederic says:

    another asian stunner. looking forward to seeing her blaze through the fashion world

  9. FND74 says:

    Fei Fei is stunning. Very beautiful and versatile face.
    But yes, she didnt walk Chloe and Vuitton, you guys made a mistake there. Additionally, she walked Sonia Rykiel, Hermes, AF Vandervost, Loewe, Dries, among other things.

  10. C says:


  11. FND74 says:

    Cant wait to see her in Vogue Paris or Vogue Italia. She is so chic.

  12. Trix Mendez says:

    Fei Fei is beyond real> Watch her takeover!!

  13. dxy says:

    Fei Fei was featured in Elle China many times. Thought she’d only get popular in China, but I guess I was wrong

  14. PonyRyder says:

    fei fei is beauty in chinese, isnt it? the name fits her perfectly. the look is so delicate and refined.

  15. Robert says:

    Great look!

  16. V says:

    PonyRyder – No, it doesn’t mean beauty. This variation of her Chinese name uses a “fei” character that doesn’t really have too much meaning beyond representing foreign words phonetically (It’s the same character used in the first part of the Chinese name for the Philippines, for example).

    Either way, Feifei is beautiful nonetheless!

  17. Gxx says:

    another great girl from the Elite Factory !!! starbuilders !

  18. catherine says:

    really stand out under marsh’s belt?

    opps the fictitious lv chole booking things

  19. toby k says:

    stunning, one of the most beautiful newcomers if not the most…. just breathe fashion!

  20. Amber says:

    Her name and her look definitely caught my eye.

  21. poo says:

    Perfect face.

  22. fanb says:

    didnt see her @ vuitton…no… breathtaking face and charismatic on the runway

  23. Charlotte says:

    She’s great – and reminds me of the amazing Han Jin!

  24. carrie fang says:

    feifei is doing great in china and oversea…
    she got nature super model talent!

    she will be really top top top soon

    her mother agency is esee model china

  25. wendy-kristy says:
  26. Antonio Barros says:
  27. benjamin says:

    i just LOVE fei fei!!!!

  28. YJ says:

    perfect! fei fei definately fits for this

  29. ClaRence says:

    i think she was supposed to come to Singapore for a stint but didn’t make it in the end. what a pity. she’ll rise to the top real fast with that face of a stunner. best luck FeiFei!

  30. Bernice Ng says:

    good to see Feifei on MDC!!!
    ur the pride of we chinese!!

  31. Kamara says:

    LOVE Fei Fei…she is beautiful. And Chinese, yay! Jia you, Fei Fei.


  32. ColinCat says:


  33. Lil Flip says:

    I just want to make friends with the new model because i just love her ,also all i want to do is to look into her face all my life.

  34. reyrey says:

    this new comer took my breath away
    shes unique and different. hope the
    best for her

  35. Bailey says:

    what a stunning make-up less face ahh I have never met the girl and I already love her PERFECT

  36. 芷菡 says:


  37. YE WANG says:


  38. MOMOZEN says:

    I LIKE FEIFEI!She’s great !

  39. Marie says:

    She sort of looks like Siri Tollerød, the asian version!

  40. Nicky says:

    so cute!!!!!!!!

  41. Trina says:

    FeiFei is very beautiful. Her editorial for Korean Vogue was gorgeous!

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