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Melissa Tammerjin / New York Model Management (NY) / Nathalie (Paris) Image courtesy of New York Model Management

Hers was without question, one of the most flawless booking tracks for a newcomer this season. Melissa Tammerijn started the season with a Calvin Klein exclusive then opened up her platform with  massive bookings in Milan for  Prada, Dolce, Fendi, Versace, Jil Sander, Marni, Missoni and  Gianfranco Ferre. With Paris as the clincher as the confirmations for Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Lanvin, Viktor and Rolf, Celine, Givenchy, Chanel and Miu Miu testify, Melissa now stands as one of those girls on everyone’s campaign and editorial list. That Dutch power strikes again!

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  1. Erik says:

    “Patricia now stands as one of those girls on everyone’s campaign and editorial list. ”

    I think you mean Melissa :p But I’m sure Patricia will do well again as well haha…

    Either way…I love this girl. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This girl has QUALITY written all over her.

  2. vavavinny says:

    I’m sorry, but Melissa and Julia are so interchangeable that I forgot both of their names and confused one with the other. I can appreciate Melissa’s serene beauty and quiet features, but I do not at all understand Julia’s appeal. Plain Jane is plain jane is plain jane! I am completely bewildered by some of the girls who managed to rise to the top this season. Minimalist beauty is one thing, but boring and forgettable is another. In past seasons, there is no way in hell Julia would have made the top 10, not if she were amongst the likes of the haunting beauties that have entered the industry lately. And I don’t think Melissa would have either. Her beauty is just not striking enough as, say, Rose Cordero’s or Jaquelyn Jablonski’s.

  3. tana says:

    finally a interesting newface….idk why but her eyes are like lily donaldson

  4. Model Whispers says:

    Yesssss, love her!
    She was my favorite newcomer!

  5. glunge says:

    great list so far.
    mine would also include ajak deng.

  6. estmulleady says:

    pretty but not like tati cotliar …..she is the best newcomer fo thi season to me

  7. charlotte says:

    she is classic. Hope she works with the best!

  8. All about Models says:

    For Melissa. I have to say, she has a very well look. She’s not like hundred other faces, you can remember her face. It has uniqueness. I like her.

  9. larszz says:

    Yes, i knew she would be one.
    And yes, it’s true there are not many new cool faces like last year with Mirte, Frida en Jacquelyn.
    But i like Melissa the most from the newcomers this season

  10. petey says:

    Love this girl, she hit in NY and rode it all the way thru europe, congrats Miss T x

  11. Podestá says:

    Great. But where’s Lais Ribeiro??? For me, she’s one of the best newcomers of the season. She did Marc Jacobs, Dolce, Cavalli, Versace, Givenchy, Hermes…

  12. Carl says:

    Only dutch people know what our secret is :)
    She´s great. Love people with blond hair and blue eyes

  13. intern. says:

    Wow, she is stunning, great show season, her future looks very bright. Can’t wait to see how she develops. Great Job NYMM they are really pulling themselves up latey.

  14. Liv says:

    Flawless face, but kind of dull. Maybe I’m just tired of all the pallid (in every sense of the word) Dutch girls.

    I hope she’ll prove me wrong, though.

  15. wendy-kristy says:

    She is my favorite newcomer !1 :-)

  16. little dutch boy says:

    Flawless beauty.. a classic

  17. Alan says:

    Looks like Raquel Zimemann no??

  18. Lala says:

    ^ Agree and also she looks like Daria Werbowy….

  19. tangentmag.com says:

    Striking face and eyes. Agree on the Raquel Zimmemann comment.

  20. Adrianito says:

    She is beautiful in this picture reminds me of Uma Thurman. I think the ranking must be #1 Tati, #2 Carla and #3 Melissa =)

  21. Bailey says:

    pretty in a clean faced way not sexy pretty but a fresh new face hope the best for her

  22. Fashionaddict says:

    Ok I like the style but maybe its a bit too much aggressive,

    would be interested what other people think of this

    My comment in German (since I’m better to express myself)
    Die Fotos sehen schon ganz gut aus, obwohl ich sie etwas agressiv finde. Die Schuhe gefallen mir sehr, würde mich wundern ob das Adidas Schuhe oder eher Nike Schuhe sind… Egal alles im allen sind die Fotos sehr gelungen und glänzen mit Stil. Hoffe die Kampagne wird ein erfolg.

  23. Fashionaddict says:

    sorry, the last comment belonged to a different campaign… – I really like this Melissa Tammerijn has nice charisma and I think she fits into the Calvin Klein I agree that she has simalarities with Raquel Zimemann.

    Would be curious to read more what others think about this…

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