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November 7th, 2006 by wayne | Boys, Industry News, Model News
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Eugen Bauder/Vision LA, DNA, 2PM, Models 1, Success

Ph: David Armstrong for Doingbird 11

David Armstrong is well known for his lyrical portraits but the series of photographs he snapped of rising star Eugen Bauder is a surefire keeper in the new issue of Doingbird.


Titled “Eugen In Berlin” the languid images can only serve to sustain Eugen’s growing cult. Sheer star quality, no?


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  1. Lalala says:

    He is HOT

  2. jaz spaz says:

    omfg, soooo f*ckin SMEXXY!!

  3. Jeff Bauder says:

    Its good to know there are more hot Bauders out there.

  4. aryy says:


  5. Olga says:

    I just died and went to heaven, LOL.

  6. YoRsH says:

    sO.. ThATs GrEAT… YoU lOoK aWesOmE

  7. Alex says:

    So sexy..!!!
    eres muy guapo…pero obvio ya lo sabias jajaja…!!!

  8. Andrade says:

    A model god!

  9. EVAN MONACO says:

    Ok, take away all the sexy drama desire talk and this guy really does have ‘the look’ in the eyes. The stare. I think he will be great.

  10. nicole says:

    parfait !!

    sexy men !

  11. eugen.K says:

    i think im more hoter then he is ! ^^

  12. thienthach says:

    I Like You, I Love you

  13. anto y estefi says:

    he is hot!!;)

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