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November 19th, 2009 by wayne | Girls, Model News
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Daul Kim at Dave’s in Paris 2008. PH. Stephan Moskovic

We were very saddened today in the office to hear about the tragic death of Daul Kim. Apart from being stunned at the news there’s also a devastating sense that a bright, vivid and intriguing young girl has left us. I’m not even thinking about issues of her being a model or a chic young fashionista who might have grown up to be a great editor or stylist or actress.  I’m thinking about the specialness of this girl as a human being… the inspiring quality of her mind… her ambition… her joy when she went to work.  I’m saddened that her world as a human being became so despairing for her even as we assumed that life must have been magical and glamorous.  I’ve only really had two extended conversations with Daul but I remember very vividly the life-force and passion in her eyes when she talked about clothes and travel and art and the irony of her being famous. Our deepest sympathy to her family and  friends. And I truly wish that her spirit will find peace.

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  1. raie says:

    oh my goodness what happen?!?!??!? oh my god
    bless her soul
    she such an amazing girl oh my god believe it!

  2. Eamon says:

    Oh gosh. This is such terribly sad news. I don’t know what to say.

    My thoughts go out to her friends & family.

    Let’s all take better care of each other.

  3. han says:

    i’m so devastated now since i’ve heard this tragedy. i had no idea what situation she has been dealing with and trying to overcome. i hope your decision was right. we all know that you were such aa great model. And it’s time for us to say good bye to you.. we all love you daul and you will live our heart forever.

  4. 1212 says:

    O M G..

    May she rest in peace.SO SAD

  5. Ptr says:

    I’m so shocked and saddened by the news. She’s one of few Asian models right now that have great career in global modelling world and distinguished herself as a chic Asian girl. RIP Daul Kim.

  6. Martin t says:

    Rip never met her but her work was one of a kind the Great ones always leave early :( May her essence live on for ever

  7. Debby says:


  8. HK says:

    I froze for a bit.
    I cannot believe this. I saw her on tv working for NY fashion week, and all of a sudden a death news? what in the world?!!

    besides she is not a boy, please categorize her in the correct place.

    wow..just so sad..i can’t even believe if it’s real. once reality hits, it’s going to suck

  9. Lanvin Ray says:

    Daul Kim, I will miss you…you’re fans will miss you…this is a very sad day =( RIP…

  10. jaehoon says:

    I was just checking her blog, yesterday.
    It’s sad that she’s no longer with us. Goodbye, Daul.

  11. Jaehoonyc says:

    I was just checking her blog, yesterday.
    It’s sad that she’s no longer with us. Goodbye, Daul.

  12. Yam Seok says:

    a bright, vivid and intriguing young girl has left us…………..

    what a dizzy life….

  13. minhee says:

    Hey..it’s 2009 now
    what a sad happens..bye and go to heaven everyone loves U

  14. phi says:

    omg wat happened???how and when??? im in shock….one of my fav model just passed away…at such a young age is truly tragic…may her soul rip

  15. angie says:

    so sad…..

    RIP Daul…

  16. dami says:

    I can not believe she is dead. so sad….

  17. hye says:

    R.I.P daul…we will be missing you

  18. eunhye says:

    What´s happening? Why was she die?
    I can hardly believe she´s dead.
    It’s too short bad news.
    It’s a tragedy that talented girl died so young.
    Daul is the most representative of Korean model.
    I wouldn’t see her again.
    She will always on my mind.
    Though you are dead, I’m very proud of you.
    You are one of Korea`s leading models.
    Rest in peace.

  19. emmanuel says:

    I am so in shock, just can`t believ e she will be no longer with us…We will miss you forever my dearest Daul! All our love to you!

  20. Alexa says:

    RIP:(:* But reading her blog you’ve could tell that there is some kind of pain,soreness deep inside her soul:((sorry for mistakes im not a native English speaker)

  21. myo says:

    Miss you…………..

  22. han says:

    it’s han again. i came by here continuosly in unconsciousness. i’m still in panic. i just wanted to say may she rest in peace. and i hope daul to find peace and be happy.

  23. Eunpyo Lee says:

    she is my role model…
    She is the best model for me…
    I love u Daul..
    and…. Good bye .

  24. Huockduru says:


  25. BORIS RADO says:

    I’ll never forget you my dear daul!
    i am so sad ..and i can not belive that il never hug you again….



  26. LEE says:

    I’ll never forget you..
    I can’t explain my feeling with this words.

    I felt sorry for her that we couldn’t protect her feelings..
    we couldn’t felt how she was exausted…
    She was a big star of Korea.
    Korea never forget you
    World never forget you..

    I can’t believe that now we can’t see your glamorous passion..


  27. Christopher Y says:

    OH MY GOSSSSSSSSSSSH!!! What just happened?!?! I saw the headline and I was a little freaked out… I kinda sorta know it’s gonna be bad news, but I didn’t expect it’s about her DEATH!!! I can’t believe this… this is just so weird… it almost doesn’t make sense… Oh dear… I hope extend my deepest condolence to her family and friends… Daul, we love you… Rest in Peace…

  28. Pilar says:

    You’ll be missed, Daul!
    rest in peace

  29. Annie says:

    She was a real MODEL
    i don’t know what to say.. it’s just so..so sad
    and i can’t even believe it ..

    RestInPeace..hope you r happy there..!

  30. Hyo says:

    I remember U…


  31. 장성민 says:

    다울누나 진짜 얼마나힘들었으면….
    정말 하늘나라가서는 편안하게 아무걱정안하면서 행복하게 지냈으면해요…

  32. Gustavo says:

    “I´ve had some good days, i´ve had some hills to climb,
    and i´ve had some weary days, and so many lonely sleepless nights,
    but when i look around, i start thinking things over,
    all of my good days,
    outweight my bad days,
    and i wont complain…”

  33. Jeremy says:

    …one of the true individuals I met in this industry.

    RIP Daul and be just as funny and awesome in that better place you are in.

  34. sunbin says:

    as a huge fan of daul… i’m really sad and feel reaaaaaaaaaalllly sorry for her.. hope she feels rest in peace in heaven..
    as a korean, i felt reaally proud of her cause she was really confident saying oh im korean..korea is my country.. and koreans including me was really proud of her whenever we saw daul doing great work at this harsh fashion industry.. because it is really hard for asians to endure all these harsh behaviors to asians.. i know that some people are real nice to asians but still racism remains.. and it is difficult for asians to bear those things..so it would be hard for daul to endure all those harsh situations while working in very young age..and not only that she probably had lots of stress cuz she really sufferd lots of pains from people working outside the world…
    still… i’m very proud of what she had done in this fashion industry letting everyone know the korea.. im really proud of her…really..
    다울언니 꼭 행복하세요!! 많은 사람들이 언니를 위해 다 슬퍼하고 잇어요 그러니까 제발 하늘에서는 행복하게 지내셔야돼요..rip

  35. Alexa says:

    “maybe i didnt live long enough to know, i think this year i will remember today as the day i slept 10 hours without
    any help of anything, i wore high high heels and short short skirts
    to hide my depression and weakness i just wanted someone to keep me warm i think about how many other korean girlfriends i know got beat up by their father
    i wonder how many nights she went to
    bed crying silently i guess i really AM the only asian person

    im used to this kind of treatment, because i went to like
    an english school….

    and also backstage “

  36. Prabal says:

    Dear Daul and other innocent and pure souls,

    Say hi to Bobby for me….You are now with the Maker, never to enter the vicious cycle of life and death. May your soul be liberated…



  37. ... says:

    i’m really sad… and so socked…
    she is my rolemodel..
    daul! we’re miss you! you’re real model<3

  38. ra says:

    i`ll think of you forever. i love you so much. sorry to you

  39. MaoaM says:

    sometimes you think people are aloof and self-confident, but inside they are hopeless sad and have to struggle with so many problems.
    R.i.P. Daul Kim.

  40. Antonio Barros says:

    so sad! RIP

  41. kayleaf says:

    Goodbye Daul. We’ll miss your wit and humour – I hope your’e happy wherever you are xxxxx

  42. Natasha says:

    I just started reading her blog yesterday upon hearing this news.
    It was so blatantly evident that this girl was NOT happy. She felt maybe like an outcast, maybe she felt wierd but she wasn’t of course. SHe was highly intellegent and creative and these types of people are zany and eccentric and have constant flooding of thoughts and imagination.

    Oh Dual, just 20. Just 20 and so many things can change and the depression and worries you had at 20 by 23 no longer seem to matter.

    Be at peace.

  43. liz says:

    R. I. P. Daul, hope your soul is now at peace and that you have the happiness which you desire.

  44. Azizi says:

    Its sad how one can appear to have everything going for them and be incredibly lonely, frustrated and depressed.She was such an individual and i wish i had met her before this tragic event

  45. eduardo says:

    wow cant believe it

  46. 조아라 says:


  47. 조아라 says:

    하늘에선..외롭지않고 사랑만듬뿍받는다울언니가되었음조켔어요..

  48. Alix says:

    Je suis très triste.. Il pleut ici, comme pleuer pour ta mort…

    Daul, tu me manquera beaucoup.

    Qu’elle repose en paix.

  49. Janice says:

    This is so extremely sad. I truly feel for her family. She will be missed.

  50. Lisa says:

    I have been following & commenting on Daul’s Blog regularly. Her deep sadness and sorrow was evident in her writing. I felt a sense of protectiveness because of her vulnerability. I always tried to write uplifting things to encourage her.

    Upon hearing of her passing I felt such a deep sorrow. She was not only beautiful, but a deep, passionate & intelligent person.

    What could have been said to change this? What did everyone around her miss? My answer would have to be…no one ever knows the extent of someone’s depression. They become masters at hiding the pain behind humor. The mask that is worn is often a perfect disguise. But the writings tell of something deeper. We each need to LISTEN to those around us who may be secretly crying out.

    You will be missed Daul.

    My prayers go out to her family and friends. Such an incredible loss of a beautiful, talented and intelligent, 20 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her.

  51. Rodney says:

    Sending you our love Daul … <3

    Will never forget your fabulous personality

  52. AK says:

    I followed her blog for a almost a year now.
    Beyond shocking and utterly saddening…

  53. louis says:

    oh i am so sad to haer about this , guuuuuuush
    may yur soul rest in peace dual

    kiss you x

  54. Jimena says:

    OH MY GOD! I can’t believe she just commited suicide….

    she looked as a very happy girl, but reading to her posts at her blog, you can notice this girl was NOOT HAPPY…..we never knew how big was her depression ='( sooo sad !
    just hope she finds her happiness! love her so much!

    I will miss you soo much Daul.. =(

    best wishes to all her family and friends…


  55. goper says:

    다울 언니 사랑해요

  56. YURI Choi says:

    JUST waht can I said is……..

    We loved you, and we’ll luv and remember you forever.
    Ah …. gosh ….

  57. Podestá says:

    Fashion world will miss her.
    Goodbye Daul.

  58. roma says:

    say hi to forever…

  59. heejin says:

    다울 하늘나라에서는 더이상 외롭지 않길 바래요

  60. Lily says:

    Sad news indeed… Seems like all of her agencies have already removed her, but every single one of them should’ve put their condolences on their front page already. From what I’ve understood, from what the agencies tell to the public, that a model becomes a part of their “family” and so on, therefore they are partly responsible for this tragedy for not seeing the signs early enough.

  61. Neramit says:


  62. JH says:

    She was one of my favorite model…..

  63. Cindy says:

    I love you Daul.
    You will live our heart forever.

  64. Isabel Marant says:

    다울 언니 사랑해요. 부디 천국가서 편히 쉬세요.
    그리워요 언니 ….

  65. Nigel S. says:

    I don’t even know what to say…my stomach is in knots and I’m fairly choked up… She was so special..anytime she appeared on the runway, there was this moment where time slowed.. just for that moment when she neared the end of the runway. I was so fond of her and I was thinking just last week about how big she may become and what she could represent for Oriental models.
    But beyond the fashion and modeling, the loss of a bright human life is terribly freezing. I wish so much that she could’ve been saved.

    To anyone considering suicide..please, don’t do it. If you’re having a rough time you have to try your very hardest to stay positive. Even in today’s world, there is still so much to live for. There are So many lung bursting laughs to be had, brilliant thoughts to conjure, loving people to hug and something great to become. Find the strenght to pull through. Just don’t ever give in.

    Rest In Peace Dual.. your time here has been greatly appreciated and you will be missed!

  66. sasha says:

    omygosh….i love daul

  67. Eunae says:

    아직도 믿겨지지가 않아요 너무 슬픕니다
    난 당신을 잊지 못할거에요..
    편히 잠드시길…

  68. 20 says:

    Daul have to be happy ..
    We’ll miss you

  69. HK says:

    I agree with Lily
    as her agents, you were suppose to be there for her.
    Take care of her, be her family.. why do people say
    she showed signs of depressions and lonliness when
    it is too late?

    Dissapointed at NEXT models for immediately removing her
    and doesn’t seem to show much sympathy toward her. Yes,
    she was a model and might be treated like a clothes hanger,
    and is just one of your many many models so is that how
    she was treated? She was a human being before she was one of
    your money makers.

  70. Chloe says:

    ohmygash I just knew it now.
    I froze for a bit.
    what happened? what made her die?
    I can’t believe that she is dead…..
    you were a real MODEL…seriously.
    love you Daul… I’ll remember you…..RIP

  71. rachel park says:

    Don’t know what to say….
    You were my roll model….
    Good bye..my moto………
    I’ll remeber you……….

  72. Ty says:

    To. Glorious
    다울씨 몇일전만해도 tv에서 환하게 웃던 모습 보고 같이 웃었는데 이제 다시 볼수 없게 되었네요 …
    아무튼,, 하늘에서는 부디 편히.. 편히 쉬시길 바랄께요. 다울씨 사랑해요..

  73. arturo gomez sevilla says:

    esta cosas que estan pasando en estos momentos de nuestras vidas las tenemos que comprender con mas interes y cuidado por que estas personas tan importantes de este medio de vida deberiamos de cuidarlas mas que ellas mismas si nos llamamos amigos de ellas por eso todo lo que pase de hoy en adelante que no sea sin pensar en lo que les puede suceder aquellas que son tan famosas por eso vuelvo a repetir hay que cuidar aquellas que concideramos nuestras amigas y ponerlas en alerta de lo que ellas no pueden imaginarse que pueda pasar a su alrededor por eso si eres tu pon en alerta a tu mejor amiga mas cercana a ti tkm DAUL por siempre en mi corazon ART.

  74. d says:

    this is …wow…im crying and i dont cry at all normally, that may sound stupid, i never even met the girl. i remember those models.com video diaries, they were so funny and she really did sound like such a great person, not as a mode, ive never seen her work, but as a person. I’m not just saying that. Can someone please tell e little about the circumstances, though from the tone of the article it sounds like suicide.

  75. sessilee lopez says:

    The moment that I heard the news it took all of my power not to break down backstage at the VS show yesterday. Daul was so sweet, amazing as a model but as a person she was a true role model. I will miss her terribly, she was truly loved by everyone who was blessed enough to meet the real Daul Kim….. I will forever love you R.I.P

  76. carola says:

    What? Is this a joke? Oh man this is so horribly sad, I don’t even know how she died but this is horrible, my heart goes out to her family and friends and fans, how horrible, such a talented and young girl.

  77. sojeong,lee says:

    I wanna be that this is only dream…
    Take a rest in peace , please
    I don’t know what she had been depressed
    Just want to have her happiness in heaven!!
    Will never forgot you!
    loved you, and now love you , will love you ,4ever
    다짐했는 데 … 졸업하고 언니 꼭 볼것이라고……..

  78. 김희준 says:

    진짜너무ㅠㅠ 충격받앗어요 ㅠㅠ 좋아햇던 모델이였는데…

  79. metro-bicker says:

    Repose in peace daul …

  80. 빡 says:

    무한한 가능성이 보이는 당신이 였기에
    너무나 좋아했는데..
    편하게 쉬어요.
    당신은 나의 베스트 모델이였구
    앞으로도 영원할거에요.

  81. ellen in Korea says:

    I’m so sad….I can’t believe that she is dead…..
    Daul…You were a great model and will be forever…in our memory…
    Many Koreans feel sad and miss you much…
    You were so special, unique, beautiful Korean….love you…
    Take a rest….in heaven….bye….

  82. D says:

    Enjoy forever dear Daul. You will be sadly missed.

  83. Rebecca says:

    So very sad, may she rest in peace xxx

  84. Sad says:

    하늘에서 편히 잠드세요…

  85. 별 says:

    다울씨 아픔도 슬픔도 괴로움도 우울함도 없는 그곳에서 편히 쉬시기를….

  86. Karrie says:

    RIP Daul
    We will miss you forever

  87. Reimars says:

    Nigel S. is right. To those who contemplate suicide, pls think carefully of those you will leave behind. Pls believe that there are people who will miss you terribly and suffer for you. It is not a victory if you kill yourself. It will only inflict unbearable pain to those who care about you. Pls try to find help for yourself. We are lucky that we live in this age where professional help can be found easily around us. I am not pretending to know what I am talking about. I started thinking of suicide at an age so young I don’t even remember when. I was definitely under 12 at that time. Suffering emotional & physical abuse ever since I was a baby was hard. Even now sometimes I think how easy it would be if I just died. But I’m still hanging on for the sake of those who care about me. I don’t want to hurt them by giving them the bitter memory of my suicide.

    So whoever is thinking of joining Daul now, pls think twice. Daul was so unlucky that she didn’t get the help she so deserved. RIP, Daul.

  88. sol a says:

    아침에 눈뜨자마자 접한소식이 아주 슬픈이야기였어요.
    금방이라도 tv인터뷰에 나와서 방긋 웃음을 지을것만같은데..
    지금도 다울양이 없다는것이 믿기지가 않아요ㅠ
    정말 슬프지만 많이 힘들었을 다울을 생각해서 기도할께요!
    부디 하늘에서도 편안하고 아무걱정없길 바래요..!
    Daul kim forever love you GOOD BYE

  89. Baby says:

    Reimars yes the suicide can be very painful for friends, familly, etc but when all your life is a pain…when you know you are on the top, you have everything to be happy and you’re not… your vision of life is just totaly black… you live in the world where the word “hope” doesn’t existed and where all the dreams are broken.
    sometimes what you want isn’t a professional help.
    sometimes you don’t want help.

    you have the feeling to live in a world where everything is broken… and to be at the wrong place.
    you would like to change their life but sometimes it’s just impossible.

    some people don’t understand why people commit a suicide when they give the feeling to have an incredible life.
    they are young, richs, beautiful and they don’t understand that these persons are so focused on death that they try to be somebody important and loved only to stay in the memory, to be somebody even after their death., don’t be a invisible ghost.

    people around them say “my god, you’re so lucky, you have everything” that when everybody around you tell you “you’ve life is a dream, you couldn’t expect more of life” you trust them… but you’re always sad and you feel so empty.

    i think it’s a bit ironic to say “don’t jump, think about people who love you” when they aren’t able to feel your pain… and it’s more ironic to say “you should live because they need you”
    live for the other, as we couldn’t be ourselves and we where blocked in a role, as people stole our freedom, the last piece of our dreams.

    you can be dark during months, but you can be ok, you’re just a melancolic person and one day something can realy hurt you and during few hours everything around you is broken and dark… it can be a periode of few minutes, few hours as it could be really longer.

    it’s like to be the victim of a car crash.

    i think the best thing to say isn’t ‘think about your family, try to find a profesionnal help to accept what you are, what you hate” but “there is always the possibility to be someone else, have a new birth”.

    Daul unfortunately i didn’t know you but i already love you.
    be free.

  90. ccaa says:

    I still can’t accept the fact that she’s dead,she’s so young and so unique.I can’t think of any Asian model that could replace her.She’ll be missed!

  91. Eebs says:

    I still can’t fathom any of it. Such a beautiful soul she was. Hope you’ve finally found peace you wanted, Daul. Quite don’t know what to do with this hole in my heart, sweetie.

  92. Andrew says:

    Everything in my life paused when I heard this news.
    Shocking, heartbreaking. What a spirit she brought to everything that she did. May she rest in peace.

  93. alvin says:

    daul kim is magic she’s an artist. like really if you see her crib, outfits, blogs and the things she does you’d know it for sure….. she was in today’s papers in singapore not the headlines but still in it though as she was talent spotted here when she was 13. she was depressed and lonely back in korea as she couldn’t speak the language. reallly sad the fashion world has lost 1 bright asian stunner. RIP.

  94. alvin says:

    born in korea moved to malaysia and then spent her teen years in singapore that was when she was discovered then she moved back to korea.

  95. Lasher says:

    it was like a frozen shower…i worked with her during the shows……and she was so nice ,so professional,always smiling!
    i will always remember her going around to castings and fittings wearing a purple mongolia fur,she was so chic……the sky got a new bright star there:is name is Daul…

  96. Cody says:

    We all miss you Daul! Thank you for being Daul Kim. Gorgeous, intriguing, and most of all inspiring to all of us. we love you.

  97. mark says:

    very sad. I have to say this is something that we all need to look out for when it comes to
    young girls in this industry. I am not sure what went wrong with Daul but my God this is something
    we should pay more attention to especially during fashion week when we pressure these girls to
    to the impossible.

  98. bobbi says:

    R.i.P daul kim you seemed like such a free sprit.

  99. Blair says:

    so sad….i can’t believe this.
    i’ll miss you forever :(

  100. M.L. says:

    horror…so sad :( young life ember silenced.
    makes you think and appreciate life, family, friends and every little thing you have and surrounds you even more.
    I will never understand why because I had a friend who took her life couple years ago..
    condolences to her family, friends and her agency.

  101. Eun-Joo Gwon says:

    Daul Kim is my favorite model. She was fantastic and beautiful model
    So I’m so sad but I pray that she be happy in heaven
    my warmest tribute to the memory of the deceased

    당신을 많이 좋아했습니다. 편히 잠드세요

  102. yesol says:

    RIP Daul…
    http://www.cyworld.com/nicoledaul ← Daul’s minihp

  103. sanghee says:

    처음 어느 겨울뉴욕의 빵집앞에서 처음 보고 이쁘다 하고 지나쳤는데 TV에서 보니 다울씨였어요 그때 알았죠 모델이였구나하고..
    그리고 항상 지켜보면서 뿌듯했죠..힘든 뉴욕생활하며 자랑스러웠습니다.
    꿈을 꿀수 있게 해 주었죠..
    다울씨 편히 쉬세요..그리고 우리가 있습니다.

  104. L says:

    If anything from this we can learn to make people feel special and not just on a superficial level. Telling someone they are beautiful or “fierce” does not do much for their lonely nights and missed birthdays. Love those around you and reach out to those not in your circle. RIP beautiful Daul. Thank you for the life long lesson and enjoy your new home in heaven.

  105. aaron says:

    why isn’t this the main feature on the MDC front page?

  106. Raizinho says:

    RIP lil Daul :(

  107. john says:

    i hope your at peace….forever

  108. jin says:

    다울 그곳에서는 꼭 행복하세요…
    당신만 생각하면 너무 마음이 아픕니다..
    당신이 떠난뒤에야 당신이 겪어야 했던 슬픔들을 알게되어 가슴이 아픕니다.
    고마웠습니다.. RIP Daul..

  109. Jaehoonyc says:

    After she’s gone, the November issue of fashion magazines (showing her editorials, catwak pics..and etc.) out in newsstands as if she’s with us still.

  110. frank says:

    i can’t believe it

  111. Sarah says:

    WOW…this news is rather shocking…she was just so full of spunk and had such a great style. She’s one of the few asian woman who you can say MADE it in the runway…may you finally be happy
    R.I.P Daul Kim we will miss you dearly

  112. samuel says:

    l do like her!i’m very sad!she just a girl!
    i can’t believe it!
    i wish that she can find peace at heaven

  113. candie-o says:

    Daul Kim was so special. She had a way of making every one around her laugh. She spoke her mind. She was so talented and will be missed. God Bless You Daul Kim!!!!

  114. MJ says:

    사랑해요 다울

  115. saaaaad says:

    아이엠어모델때 보고 좋아져서 미니홈피도 자주들르고 했었는데 학교마치고 검색어를봤더니 반가운이름이 있길래 얼른 눌렀습니다 근데…. 말도안되는기사가… 정말 충격이었습니다.. 좋은곳으로 가시길바랍니다…

  116. val k says:

    RIP Daul ♥ i’ve struggled with depression too but remembering the people i love and the pain of losing someone is what keeps me going. and my friends. things can always get better though i wish she knew it.

  117. Ashburn Eng says:

    Life can be so difficult, and what pain must there be in your heart to take your own life. May she rest in peace….

  118. Iann says:

    I was so shoked when I heard your news… So sad.. You were my role model for me Its hard to believe…

    부디 편한 곳으로 가시길! 행복하세요..! xoxo

    -your fan Iann

  119. K.hero says:

    rest in peace
    To Daul.

  120. indasio by koo says:


  121. Giel says:

    Shocked. May she rest in peace.

  122. nusnue says:

    다울언니 그동안 힘들었던거 다 잊
    하늘나라에서 편히 지내시길 바래요.
    처음부터 언니를 좋아한건 아니지만, 모델로써 프로패셔널한
    모습을 보고 좋아지기 시작했는데.. 모델 김다울이 너무나
    그리울 것 같습니다.
    아. 이젠 잡지에서만 볼수있다는 사실이 너무나 가슴이 아파요.

  123. L says:


  124. shepherd says:

    its soo sad. i love her work such a waste, im gonna miss you daul kim
    ‘rock on’
    long live the QUEEN of KOREA.

  125. shepherd says:

    long live the Cueen of Corea!

    im gonna miss you daul.

  126. Sigrún says:

    I can’t believe these news. I am so shocked!
    Daul, you were one of my favorite models. Not only were your pictures amazing, but the videos I saw of you from style.com (I think it was from there, it was a little while ago) showed an interesting person with a vibrating personality.

    We’ll miss you in Iceland.

    Rest in peace.

  127. Backkom says:

    Miss you………..

  128. michelle says:


  129. Sam Daisy says:

    Omg.. I can’t believe it still now.. Daul.. I will remember all your works. And… I LUV U Daul. You know..You were an great person and great woman.

  130. ye sle says:

    다울언니 편한곳에서 쉬세요.. 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.

  131. seunghee says:


  132. shepherd says:

    i cant believe how you went! and your issue of Russh Came out!
    in you tribute i bought 10 of the same copies and gave them to my work friends who also adore you wrote letters and signed it! no they should be floating in the ocean for you to see them!
    PS i dont care of water poluting when i hear your name

    love always.
    new zealand

  133. Oyu says:

    Oh.. Daul. My heart is broken, because of you
    where are you Daul! I Mlss you

  134. joseito says:

    I don’t know Daul and never heard about her , i just found the news on the paper about her death them when i come home i’ve searched the internet and saw her in pics for the first time, and i can say she was a very talented young girl, hope god watch her in heaven RIP Daul. x

  135. sebastian0304 says:

    goodbye daul kim, beautiful girl. surely you’ll be missed

  136. Phuong says:

    Daul, Im missing you. A lot.

  137. jina park says:

    I still can not beileve it..
    I miss her..

  138. Daniel-An says:

    RIP Daul
    We will miss you forever
    I love u….

  139. seo says:

    go bless you………….

  140. Jun says:

    I’m still missing you~


  141. R says:

    Daul i miss you so much

  142. mr says:

    Daul my love I cant forget about You ;( My heart is breaking everyday…

  143. SEAN says:

    다울.. 보고 싶다

    목소리도 너무 듣고 싶다..

  144. 서혜 says:

    잘있을거라 믿어요…

  145. JLee says:

    It was after her death that I learned about Daul.
    She seems so inspiring and talented. Her way of talking and describing her feelings and thinkings, is so special and unique.
    I cannot believe that she made this choice.
    I miss her a lot.

  146. Bumjin Park says:

    miss you

  147. Christy says:

    forever Daul, forever.

  148. Ann says:

    I wish you hadn’t done that.
    How would it be if you were still with us?
    I just hope you’re happier in the place you’re now.
    We will meet one day.
    Goodbye for now, Daul. xx

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