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Pavel / image courtesy 3mm
Daily Duo

Pavel is a perfect fit for high fashion.

Barbara / image courtesy Studio KLRP
Daily Duo

This extraterrestrial babe has landed.

Natalia / Women 360
Model of the Week

A fan of zombie movies, singing, and Mortal Kombat, Natalia Koreshkova, 22, from Russia, is the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Val / image courtesy Ultra Models Moscow
Daily Duo

Val is already inspiring interest from NY and Paris agencies.

Polina / image courtesy Select Deluxe
Daily Duo

Polina is polished and professional but full of personality.

Liza / image courtesy Figaro Models (1)
Daily Duo

Liza’s tomboyish interests are totally at odds with her ultra feminine allure.

Anna / image courtesy Andy Fiord (1)
Daily Duo

Anna is the girl to turn that frown upside down.

Anabel / image courtesy Trend Models (10)
Daily Duo

Anabel is fresh from the Balenciaga show.

Anna / image courtesy Frame Models (3)
Daily Duo

Anna is set to strut her stuff this show season.

Anastasiia / image courtesy Modus Vivendi (1)
Daily Duo

Anastasia has legs for days – weeks, months!

Christina / image courtesy World Fashion Models (1)
Daily Duo

We’re loving Christina’s angelic face and demonic glare!

Galina / image courtesy K Models (1)
Daily Duo

This Russian has a beauty that is imprinted with individuality.

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