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Name: Tyler Riggs Agency: Red Model Management Age: 21 Height: 6'1.5" 186cm Place of Origin: Tampa, Florida. Ethnic Origin: My family came to America when the potatoes ran out in Ireland. Birthsign: Pisces. How discovered: A friend of mine in Tampa is a fashion major and needed me to shoot for a school project. When the whole thing was done she convinced me to use a few images on a website. I was immediately contacted. I spoke with George at Red on the phone, but decided to take a trip to NY to meet with all the agencies. I met with George at Red after seeing just two other agencies in NY. I had several other appointments for that day, but George refused to let me walk out without signing with Red Models. Favorite things: I love seeing my friends. Also, my booker George Brown is one of the hardest workers I have ever met and he tends to be one of my favorite people because of that. I hope that counts in the favorite things section. Favorite music, band: This is a difficult question to answer. I love "The Bronx," "Every Time I Die," "Comback Kid," "Norma Jean," "Spitfire" and my old roomate's band from back home, "Underoath." Hobbies: Riding bikes, watching movies, playing music, reading books. Favorite foods: I could eat at Chipotle every day of my life. Movie you want to see next: "Juno" or the new Wes Anderson movie, "The Darjeeling Limited." Place you'd love to visit: Japan. Person that you'd love to meet and why: Christopher Walken. Currently you're obsessed with: "Heroes" and "Lost."

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