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Name: Hana Jirickova Agency: Ford Models (NY) Age: 16 Height: 176cm Place of Origin: Brno, Czech Republic. Ethnic Origin: 1/2 Slovak, 1/2 Czech. Birthsign: Gemini. How discovered: Scout saw me at an exhibition and brought me to Elite Prague (also with Elite Paris) Favorite things: Books, linen, brush. Favorite music, band: Bob Marley, Guns 'N' Roses. Hobbies: Painting, yoga, horse riding. Favorite foods: Anything with vegetables. What's in your bag right now: Big mess - diary, sketch book, charcoal, cell phone, lip gloss. Movie you want to see next: "Frida." Place you'd love to visit: Jamaica. Currently you're obsessed with: The color yellow.

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