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Could It Be?

I’m all for the bangs straight across a la Heather Bratton for Vogue Italia’s


Next New Face

One of the fascinating new faces that just walked in the Chanel presentation in NY on Weds was Next’s Donna Mc Phail


Amina Rising

Amina/1 Ph. by Andreas Sjodin exclusively for 1 Mgmt Ladies and gentlemen, it’s unanimous. The prize for best designed Fashion Week show package goes to 1 Mgmt which had the smarts to shoot all their models in clean black and white with one photographer, Andreas Sjodin. The results give the girls a clarity and uniformity…


Mor Power

Mor/1. Ph by Andreas Sjodin exclusively for 1 Mgmt With 3 V’s and the current L’Officel cover under her belt, you can bet that clients are clamouring to get a better look of 1 Mgmt’s next great breakout face, Mor. She caught our eye (editorially) in an earlier OTM, but this season very much looks…


Our Favorite Valentine

Valentine/1 Mgmt . Ph by Andreas Sjodin exclusively for 1 Mgmt French newcomer Valentine is also doing quite nicely with the early options for 1 as she clearly answers the call sounding around town for “beautiful beautiful” faces for Spring 04.