Beauty Twist

The fabled tale of Oliver Twist might seem like an offbeat beauty reference but such is the case for the latest MDC original shot by Krisztián Éder. What is normally wrong is right with smudged eyes, glitter tears, feathered lips and splattered freckles as rising French stunner Margot Davy plays the pensive lead in looks contrived by makeup artist Souhi. Marco Braca creates a playfully shorn bob underneath berets and newsboy caps with accentuating menswear staples picked by stylist Mimi Kim. A moody take on the expected is the final outcome for visuals that aren’t afraid to get dirty.

See more of the original editorial below.

Photography – Krisztián Éder for
Stylist – Mimi Kim | Model – Margot Davy
Hair – Marco Braca (Kramer + Kramer) | Makeup – Souhi
Nails – Naoko Saita (ArtList)
Photographer’s assistants – Cody Lidtke & Ljubomir Golic

T-shirt – Beams Plus

T-shirt – Ralph Lauren | Hat – Kijima Takayuki

Shirt – Krammer & Stoudt | Hat-Worth and Worth

Jacket – Krammer & Stoudt

1 Comment
  1. Fabulous!!!! It’s simple yet brilliant.

    With Her dirty, ragged clothes, and a woebegone look on Her grubby face, The Model in the lens definitely plays to the role of Oliver Twist with perfection.

    What’s more She looks like She has a face full of painted on freckles. Furthermore you totally manage to make them look authentic! I had to look and go back and look at them again, because I really thought The lucky Lady had freckles and I’m thinking “She rocks those freckles man!” So kudos to your makeup artist for that one.

    I’m rarely impressed with magazine images but with this one; the blunt edge cut, silver tear stained cheeks and ragamuffin look, not to mention the forward thinking splatter freckles/mud/dirt look, (or is it just me that’s backward thinking?) Don’t answer that! Lol. Whatever It is. I love it anyway.

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