The men of Ford Models are back and better than ever. We’ve come to expect a certain caliber of boy from Ford’s lineup and this season’s selection is nothing short of impressive. From the stunning return of the always in demand Carson Parker to it-boy Christian Brylle‘s post-Gucci campaign buzz to the highly anticipated debut of Paolo Anchisi, one only gets the best from Ford. The package focuses on showing the best of each boy via multiple shots of their most powerful work. The fact that so many of the images are readily familiar to fashion fans is a testament to just how popular the boys of Ford are with casting directors and designers alike. We’re sure to see many of these handsome faces gracing New York’s catwalks.

  1. the mens agency packets overall are ok. Nothing that stands out, comparing to the woman packets.

  2. Addison Duffy- has the look- just look at those eyes!

    have heard alot of great stuff about him on shoots and go-sees.

    waiting to see alot more of him!

  3. Jake Madden is by far the SEXIST and HOTTEST model. Everything he’s in is YUMMY and him only being 18 makes him even HOTTER.

  4. Will Wolfslau is gorgeous…what beautiful eyes and lips, such a classic look.

  5. Look at my brother Addison!!
    So excited for him(;

    Go get em bubba!
    Love your baby sisterrr!