1. I love these. The personal shots at the end are such a lovely and endearing idea. If I was casting for a show I would pick some of these girls on the strength of those photos alone – they really do a much better job of portraying the energy and personality needed to make it in the industry than any blue chip cover or campaign image. Looking at them would definitely make rejecting one of these models a good deal harder!

    Karen’s is adorable, does this mean she’ll be doing some shows in New York? Jourdan too – I assumed she would be sitting this season out.
    Also love Dorothea’s. I hope that girl really makes it big, she’s stunning in such a unique way, and has a maturity about her that so many of the new girls lack.

  2. i love toni and jourdan im so glad jourdan is in :D i hope she gets work

  3. If i were a model, there is no question which agency i would go to. This is the most elegant thing i have ever seen. Women is the BEST!

  4. Tres Assouline…Tres Chic….Elegante…
    It allows the client to see both
    the “polished” “rich” looking pro side of the model
    and at once-allows a glimpse into the “regular”
    girl( If one can call them that..)-revealing the
    spunk and inner beauty that makes a show
    come alive! Bravo! Paul-
    the “wealth” of Women and it’s staff shows
    this industry rife with “knockoffs” what
    quality really looks like

  5. It’s really hard to pick because all of them are good. I would pick them all if I were a designer

  6. have to say though- even with the agyness height mix up, this is the best package i’ve seen. the candids are very clever and so sweet. it will indeed be difficult for a casting director to turn down a girl that is sitting with her pet rabbit on a couch. :p

  7. We can do without the Agyness hater. why don’t you look at all the heights of all the girls on every show package and check for height accuracy. You’re comment is ridiculous

  8. surely a model as big as agyness doesn’t need to lie about her height?? calm yourself tracy.

  9. I would love to see Jourdan Dunn pregnant on the runway. Can’t wait.. btw, nice to se Heather Marks doing a come back! Hope it goes well for her!

  10. perfection, unique, expensive!!!! now this is how a package should look

  11. I’m so happy to see Izabel’s card. Now that she’s not an official “Angel”. she won’t have all of the VS restrictions