The men of DNA models have always been among the finest and most in demand within the industry and this year is no different. Their slick S/S package boasts iconic faces like Mat Gordon and number one male model Baptiste Giabiconi but its not just the familiar favorites who are set to make an impact this September. Fresh talent like the edgy Clinton and already buzzed about Mitch are sure to attract attention.

DNA Models SS10 Show Package

  1. oh yeah i remember seeing a post about Mitch saying he was 13. crazy indeed…

  2. 13?!?! Come on, that’s just ridiculous. I already have a hard time falling out of love with models when I find out they’re 16 and 17. I don’t want to look at little boys. I want a man!

  3. Great looks.. and nice write up on the boys for DNA…. Lets not forget… Model Nils Lawton… Did more shows than any boys!!! Versace, Cavalli,D2quared,John Richmond…. Think this should be noted… Go Nils!!!! and Love Matt Gordon Such a nice guy!!!