After the big bang buzz of that 96 page V supplement,  Supreme goes onto the SS10 show market with a succinct rendition of its highly influential aesthetic. The 19 Supreme girls as shot by Purple photographer Hanna Liden are packaged in a monograph-style black box, a context that elegantly balances the goth severity of the images. As has become the standard at Supreme (and that is a standard that has clearly challenged the entire modeling industry) these images are stand-alone and custom created with some very striking styling by Sally Lyndley. More and more the message is pulsing that Supreme is passionate about being a part of that section of the  fashion community that pushes, provokes, changes and innovates and by highlighting another photographer who amplifies the aesthetic, that message takes on an additional spirit of openness.  The collaboration with V (the insert comes packaged with Linden’s cards)  makes that point explicit and more importantly  highlights the Supreme girls as creative tropes in and of themselves.  Ultimately the star faces of Supreme:  Iris, Hanne, Suvi, Meghan, Ranya and Karolin have more than their fair share of beautiful tears and credits that prove their market value of models. What is crucial to this company is that the idea of modeling and the idea of modeling agencies should stand for something creative and emotional. For people who look to fashion to be something more than just product, that passion is moving precisely because of its faith in the power of inspiration.

Supreme Management SS10 Show Package

  1. I actually prefer this to the packages from the last couple of seasons. The pictures are more powerful, and the girls are really given a chance to display their own creativity. Love Tao’s, Iris’, and Alana’s…

    I miss Amanda though…

  2. I’m sorry but these pictures make me feel a little queasy. Especially Megan and Luisa’s head shots. They look like drown victims that were brought back to life as zombies. Probably the look they were going for.

  3. The models of supreme must really trust the agency, to do things like this to promote themselves.
    I understand that supreme is building a brand, but models are taken advanatage of enough. what if a new girl comes a long and her first season is in new york with supreme and this is her showcard, then she gets dropped 3 months later due to a lack of interest. is it her fault? or the agencies?

  4. I know that they were going for an extremely “different” look, but this is borderline ridiculous.

  5. Sorry but this is dreadfulll! It’s like really really bad art school projects. Why not just put a paper bag over the models heads to make it harder to see what they look like…that would be so downtown, edgey and cutting edge!!! As well as ahead of the pack!!

  6. I pity these girls many of them are very beautiful but these pictures do nothing good for them. They all look like victims. Some have so heavy makeup that its impossible to even see what they actually look like. How will that sell them to a casting director? Is supremes goal to make their girls look ugly?

    I have to agree with Dom. The established girls probably still get their bookings but what about the new once that is doing their first season. Poor, poor girls.

  7. Is there anybody who sees what i see? Did the word “model” definitely lost the meaning? Or is it simply and slowly turning into the word monster…? Some time ago when a model entered the room people used to look and stop breathing amazed…now they stop breathing too but for another reason.

  8. rose looks the best. suvi looks ridiculous in her portrait. what are these meant to prove? that models can look beautiful even if you try your hardest to make them look like drowned zombie rats? if so, they’re not doing a good job. the idea was good but the end product is shocking- and not in a good way.

  9. this is a beautiful concept, i love alyona’s picture. suvi’s is pretty awful though

  10. I think ít’s crazy, I love thinking out of the box and doing something different. but i also think being creative is for the artistic people out there.
    As a management agency “you manage” , leave the “real artists” a blank canvas, where they can put their ideas(, clothes) and make-up on.

    a model is a person, that’s has the ability and a certain type/level of beauty that speaks/appeals to a certain person or group (of customers). Depending on what her personality, determination or unique features are, she will or will not make it! It is all up to her and with some guidance from her management to make it far.

    HERE IT STOPS OR SLOWS DOWN (in stead of 10 shows , she does 2).
    and the new ones are there to try the season and to satisfy the client demand for “new faces”.

    guys come on, i always recession/crisis doesn’t slow us down, quality remains/survives! but here it makes gets people insane.
    we all love Batman, but these doesn’t connect.

  11. I feel like this show package is really weak. In the past supreme has given the effect of being effortlessly different and the have been able to push the norm, without making it look like it took much effort. This show package makes it look like they are trying too hard. It looks like Supreme was trying too hard to make their models stand out, which sort of ruined their “we’re effortlessly cool and different, we’re amazing, no one can be like us” image. Also, why are some of the models pictures so different? For example, Alana’s shots are so artistic whereas Addison’s head shot looks like a normal, boring headshot. Supreme had a good idea here, but needed to think it out a little better before they shot.

  12. This is definitely trying to hard. The idea is interesting but it all could have been executed in a more understatated & consistant manner. Supreme as an agency and vision remains my personal favorite however I hope that the following season’s show package is better than this one.
    Heartfashion, I completely agree with you and every point that you made

  13. Supreme’s showcards are always trying too hard. As weird-looking as most of their girls are, I can see their appeal but these don’t show it in any way. and Suvi, darling… wtf?
    p.s. Where’s Rachel?

  14. Wow… I’m not seeing where they were going with Suvi. That’s shocking in a bad way.

  15. Why’s everyone looking for so much meaning in these cards?? Everyone knows what the girls really look like, and what they can or can’t bring to an editorial or show, so why trash Supreme for being a little creative as always. All their girls are gonna get booked anyway.

  16. this is disgusting. i am a model in nyc with one of the top agencies, and if one of these was my show card i would cry. i am so sorry for these poor girls.
    i have never made a comment online in a forum, but i saw this and it just blew my mind. enough taking advantage of the girls. for the most part we trust our bookers and do what we are told in hopes of furthering our careers, but this is just wrong. what will their parents think when they see these awesome showcards, which cost a lot of money for the girls to be printed btw. embarrassing.

  17. This is so bad, they should have titled the package “Night of The Living Dead”. If I see any of these girls at castings I’m running for my life.

  18. This showpackage is mostly disasterous! Suvi is being taken advantage of. I mean everyone knows that Suvi is somewhat challenged, too trusting, and extremely naive. but while most posts are talking mainly only about Suvi, Alana’s as well as oters are really horrible! And I still don’t get why most people can’t tell that most of these models are men! Anyone can photoshop breasts onto someone. But it takes more than that to make up a REAL WOMAN. These models,and 90 percent of all so-called female models are really men in drag. Some are transexuals. And some are just doing it for the money. But if you take a good look at European men with long hair{Such as Christian Brylle and Paul Boche} you’d see that they look everybit female as models like Suvi,Hanne Gaby,Darya and many others; minus the photoshopped breasts…

  19. Love love love these… there are a few that aren’t great – Addison’s & Suvi’s come to mind but Alana, Rose, Iris, Behati, Hanne… heck most of the rest are pretty genius… love the creativity and fearlessness… Sad to see that Rachel Clark wasn’t included this season.

  20. I quite personally love Suvi’s showcard! I think the expression is great, I love the package as a whole though.

  21. Ohhh all you haters out there…. Supreme is doing what Supreme does best! Breaking the barrier and doing it with shock value. They are looking for extreme reactions and alas, they have succeeded. The models that are represented by this agency WORK. They get booked for major shows, campaigns and editorials. Designers and casting directors alike know that a girl represented by Supreme is a girl worth meeting, so none of the girls in the package are going to be left in the dust. That’s just how it goes, and the models know it too. There’s a reason this agency turns it out season after season. I’m sure this season will be no different.

  22. You can hate it but there is no denying the very strong creative streak of this agency. It’s like no other. Strong and crazy and not afraid of displaying its own vision… fashion is not for the conformists. Supreme reigns supreme in my book!

  23. i’m sorry, but just because something is creative does not mean that it deserves credit. supreme can do things like this because they’re professional, and a very hard working office. creativity can be anything, but making women look like they’ve had the daylights kicked out of them is something else.

    i think the problem is not “will the girls get work because of these photos?” we all know that they will, regardless.

    there are other shots which have little taste, but alana and suvi, wow! now are those not photographs which make the majority of the fashion industry think, what the hell are we doing? this is morbid, really.
    i hope that one day i’ll forget that photo of suvi.

  24. Addison is really the only good one here, I mean, Alyona looks like she was praying for her life to go on after the apocolypse, and didn’t get that wish in the next picture if you catch my drift. Ania looks like she is the lone survivor, or maybe that ragged bum on the subway who asks for change but looks healthy enough to actually get a job. Darya… No creativity, she looks like it was her first shoot and she didn’t know what to do. Evelina’s are pretty nice, I admire the lack of mud. Flo looks like she is from the Thriller video in her full body. Hanne is doing… Her own boob job? I actually like Inna’s a bit, that one is the only one that is “creative”, the rest just crawled out of the grave. And is that my chocolate bar on your face, Tao? Seriously, they are beautiful, show cards should be more simple and show that the girls can pose like they would in a normal booking instead of like they jumped off the Evil Dead express…

  25. i feel bad for the people that arent getting this. there is some real emotion behind these pics. whether it should be the showcard photos or not is another question. i personally think supreme pushed the envolope on this one but thats what they do. just try and think where would be without people that kept pushing

  26. To Somebody Wasn: I’m pretty sure we all ‘get this’, but there is a line between artistic expression and functionality. That being said, this ‘display’ has gotten a lot of our attention, but I’m not sure the casting directors have the time to peer through the splat of the original sensation to choose the model. A+ for art direction, C for model promotion. And what is the purpose? It’s an agency package!