Saint-Tropez Boys

There’s not often too many exciting fashion prospects for men to report on I hate to say. The bounty has and will always be for women. But there is something great that has recently come down the pike to announce, and that is the new website launch of the French men’s swimwear line Vilebrequin!
Yes, the line that in the ’70s created the very first boxer shorts swim trunks when a creative young man by the name of Fred Pryskel wrapped a checkered tablecloth from a local cafe in Saint-Tropez and transformed it into the first men’s swim trunks in a revolutionary new shape. Since then, Vilebrequin is recognized for their high quality, fast drying suits (made of 100% polyamide with a soft cotton lining for added comfort) in a large assortment of styles and fun, bold prints like their turtle print signature logo. With five different cuts and lengths to appeal to the worldly man of style, they’ve also come out with their “Fathers and Sons” line as well as their limited edition VIP collection (only 350 suits are made per print). These special trunks start at $155 and come in a water resistant pouch.

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