1. five newfaces.

    Rebecca Szulc
    Eleonore Toulin
    Karolina Lula
    Emerson Campbell
    Mia Gruenwald

    disappointed that kate goodling, zuzu tadeushuk, miriam haney is not walking this season. there’s a big chance that zuzu will be included to the style.com’s top 10 newfaces Sigh**

    hopefully there will be a ford women package there’s so many wasted talents on that division including cici, danica, charlene Sigh***

    Ford Never fails to disappoint us.

  2. Its amazing how just last year FORD and MARILYN lost all of their main show girls, BUT look at both agencies now with strong show girls, proving they are a force to be reckoned with.

    I dont know why EMILY R is in the package, Emerson is amazing- thats a real fashion model!

  3. What a gorgeous package! A great way to honor Eileen and the girls are all breathtaking. Go Ford, great job as usual.

  4. There’s some great girls and some unnecessary ones. Graphic artistry is off this season.