Spa Wonderful

I am an admitted massage junkie. I love getting all types from full body, reflexology (feet), hand and scalp. Rub me, knead me, soothe me – I’m all for them! I recently experienced a slice of heaven when I went for a 90-minute massage called Silk Supreme at the Silk Day Spa in Chelsea. I was skyrocketed from the stars and back! The spa’s signature massage incorporates their East meets West philosophies: Eastern practices balances the body’s energies to improve mood and well-being, while Western practices concentrates on renewing the body and spirit through skincare and muscle tone. All I know is that by the end of my session, my skin, muscle and chi were all melded into one big bowl of mush! Good mush, that is. In addition, the jellybean assortment offered in the serene bamboo filled relaxation area just keeps adding to the divine experience. I felt enlightened when I left. You can too.

Silk Day Spa, 47 West 13th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, (212) 255-6457 or