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In an effort to put her success in the fashion industry to good use, model Edythe Hughes (Ford Models) has started a non-profit organization called Project Model Tee– a platform which gives models a chance to showcase their artistic talent for charity. Currently PMT is raising funds for RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. This Thursday is PMT’s second event, PMT Rocks! Join in celebrating models’ unique approach to art while raising money for such an important cause.

Interview by Kristen Bolt

Why did you choose RAINN as your first charity?

Statistics say 1 in 33 men and 1 in 6 women experience rape, for this reason RAINN was our first pick for charities to support. Sexual violence is an issue that affects everyone, whether you are a victim or the friend or family member of a victim. We wanted to start PMT by connecting with as many people possible, and the sexual violence issue does that.

What has been the reaction of support in the fashion industry for PMT?

I think now more than ever, perhaps because of the saturation of our industry, people want to learn what is behind the eyes of the model they see on the pages of a magazine. People are excited to see models as more than posers, but as the individuals, artists, and philanthropists that we are. All along the way models, agents, designers, and more have taken interest and supported our efforts.

Tell us about the future of PMT- are there other charity collaborations on the horizon?

After PMT Rocks! we will move on to support other charities. There are many worthwhile causes! We look forward to making the decision as a community. This year we hope to produce a story/poetry slam showcasing the talented writers in our industry. We also want to organize a group of industry runners to run in the NYC marathon in support of a great cause.

Can any model donate their art to the project? What is the process for a model who would like to participate?

Absolutely. We want to give a platform to any and all models who want one. Models can reach out to us at and let us know how they would like to contribute. Models who make art (fine art, music, writing, etc.) can be showcased at one of our events, but models who just want to support good causes can also come to us for a place to do so.

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