1. Lovely package from Silent. I’ve shot a few of these girls, and they were amazing. Best of luck to my friends at Silent. :)

  2. I have been working with Silent models for 2 years solid. These girls are professional, the agency is on top of it, and my suggestion to most folks is cast these girls and see them in person and you may be pleasantly surprised at their enthusiasm and professionalism. Many of the girls i shot when they first started off ended up doing bigger and better jobs, and i was always given the opportunity by the agency to shoot them first. Thank you Silent!

  3. Stunning girls from Silent and S Management. I had the pleasure of creating a lot of my best and favorite work with girls from Silent this year. They know how to find the best talent. Thanks Kevin and Peter.

  4. MAIKEN is absolutely stunning. Also can’t wait to see how Mariya Markina follows up Dior in NY!