1. Great job what can i say..! A perfect combination between how a model looks in polaroids and also in tears, camp. etc

  2. his eyes are amazzing and he’s such a nice guy too, i worked with him on a shoot, he’s hilarious

  3. woow this guy is hot so cool and pretty, at the same time.
    seen alot of his work too.. amazing.

  4. he is nice model and very nice boxer…I hope Jay will come to visit Thailand again….

  5. luke is one of the best models these days he has an amazing old school james dean look. and he is doing well along side his girlfriend super model eliza cummings what a pair….

  6. luke is a true essex geza who cracks me up with his little jokes,
    its nice to see a true gent in the business. love his look and love him he is the best x

  7. what! i apparently want him! i scouted this guy! i found him and gave him to select!