2. The show package is amazing. As always, so many beautiful girls. IMG is tops. LOVE Natalie Hockey!!!

  3. Sharon Von de Pa ,Mila , Lovani, Jac, Vanessa Cruz and Charlotte Hoiyer are my favorite new girls . There’s no competition when it comes to IMG .They are the best !!

  4. Amazing show package of IMG, always IMG bring amazing girls, this girls gonna rockkkk: Sharon Van de Pas , Lovani , Jac and Asa!
    All beatiful girls!

  5. Crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, good show package again of IMG, i think many of this new girls gonna be stars, let’s keep on eye!

  6. It seems that jane has a bit of the dizzy spells and a blurred image in the mirror….

    I got the inside skinny on the IMG Show Package – and got my hands on one – and it is WAY BEYOND what you can see here. First: it is printed as a fine art piece with exclusive textured paper similar to water color paper- the blacks and contrast are rich like high end printing in art collector’s books. It is a shame that you can’t see how this package is so elegantly constructed and designed. It is housed in a pochette box – google the word – with an amazing design and a stellar clear wafer seal holds it all in place at the center of converging edges that make up a duo Ying and Yang design. This is anything but cheap. Did Jane say something about IMG and Recession? NOT!!!!! The paper, printing and design all work well together. It may look simplistic on your monitor but believe me – it SCREAMS quality and Style just like IMG…The quality of this package is like a hand in glove with the TOP OF THE TOP GIRLS IMG has in at the ready for this year FW 09.

    Let er rip……

  7. The description of Real-Eyes makes me want to see the cards. It sounds so beautifull. All those top top top girls, girls who started last season, like Sharan who will make it big and than the new faces…..wow. GREAT PACKAGE!

  8. Mishca – after reading your comment of interest in the IMG Show Package – it is obvious that you have a taste for creativity and uniqueness – so I thought I would add a few more comments about the package in case you wanted to get a better grasp of the amount of planning, creativity and finesse that seems to have gone into this project of the IMG Show Package 09.

    I come from the graphic arts industry and when I see something of this nature, it’s a shame that far too often those behind concept, creative and production don’t seem to get the recognition they deserve – an old ax grinding… It is obvious there were so many details that were considered before the concept was formalized into a final product since I know how ideas are turned into material objects. For example – the stellar design of the 1/2 inch adhesive clear wafer seal acts as a cornerstone keenly placed in the center that binds the four converging flaps that form a pinwheel shape on the back of the box. This may have been a philosophical design and statement on the art directors side besides the functionality of he design. Once the the seal is released, the box opens revealing a cover sheet that has the IMG logo info strategically placed lower left, up 1 and a half inches off center – interesting to the eye this odd location. The production company – one of NY’s top imaging/print company’s logo is lower right corner in a small point size – very subtle. The back of this card has a list of the names of all the girls in two columns: a to z and a to z – also staggered diagonally far upper left to lower right on the left side of the page in a small point size. These names correspond to the placement of each girl in the stack of 61 cards. It works well graphically with the front of the card – very pleasing to the eye and an attention getter of simplicity and flow.

    The cards themselves are obviously printed in a four color black – fine art process – on the textured water color paper. And by the way, the paper – it’s recyclable. Maybe an after thought on the part of IMG. This type of printing is NOT cheap anywhere. I like the close crop with the dimension of the cards. That is another element of surprise. It is almost square – but not quite. There is about a 1/2 inch difference in width and height – this is one of the unique aspects of the art direction that went into this package. The other interesting aspect is that all the girls names are signed – by the same person – but in what appears to be pencil – a number 2B grade to be precise. The softness of the pencil creates a grey stroke. The grey It sets off nicely against the rich blacks of the images and the white borders. None of this happens by chance. SOmeone knew what they were doing. The art department of IMG apparently is well schooled in graphic design to put so much thought into all the minute details of design elements, material selection and concepts of this package.

    I like the idea that all the measurements on the back of the cards are spelled out, i.e. ” is spelled out like “INCHES” – not a symbol. Very thoughtful. IMG is large, at the bottom across the entire 1/3 of the page in italics. The letters “IMG” also runs off the page so the letter G is slightly cropped into. Very clever in positioning. The bottom of IMG lettering falls off the bottom of the card and is slightly cropped into. It looks like TIMES ROMAN font – as a serif font.

    On the back of the box is a semi-gloss – also not perfectly square – large sticker with IMG’s logo – and 2009 spelled out – not numerals – also staggered. Obviously the label is for writing on because of the choice of label material – maybe addresses or “attention to” – depending on where these packages are going and how they are delivered. This label was also intentional as it is precisely placed within a quarter inch from all sides. The box itself is a semi-gloss white heavy stock with 8 folds – two per flap. WOW – who ever had to hand construct these packages put in many many hours with all the placements of labels, wafers and all that folding and packaging. This is not an automated process. This was all done by hand.

    This package is not just a Show Package – it’s a piece of Art and should be recognized as such. I would like to get a personal copy because I want to frame and mount my favorites and hang them on the wall. That’s how great the quality of the printing and design is and should be appreciated. Framed properly, the combinations of girls and design would make a beautiful display in an art gallery or an interesting show piece at home. This is not a package that is going to end up in anyone’s garbage can. It is too precious in concept, design and production.

    KUDOs to the art direction team, production company and IMG for creating such an exquisite piece of style, concept, powerful simplicity of imagination and outright gorgeous images that makes this Show Package the piece of art it should be recognized as…. Where can I buy one of these packages?????

  9. Viviane Orth ! I hope to see her in the best shows!
    I wanna see Viviane O. power again!

  10. Real_Eyes you must have a lot of time on your hands, lol.
    The package design is ok, nothing special I think the previous one
    was far better than this one. Like always IMG brings on an amazing bunch
    of girls.

  11. I really like the style of this show package! Again a truly impressive board. Can’t wait to see the shows and the catwalk power displayed by girls like Sharan!

  12. Thank you for the extensive discription Real_Eyes. Makes me want to have the complete set. I am an art lover and that so much thought and precision was put into this is very exciting to me.

  13. I feel bad for Shelby and Michelene. No one is ever going to book them with THOSE cards. Bummer. Wish them the best of luck though!

  14. great great agency, beautiful girls, IMG never has never disapointed me in the past… but I have noticed that a few of the beautiful new faces from last season are missing this season… where in the hell is Tamara Mcdonald? that girl has not reached her full potential, she has had some very beautiful editorials come out since last season and I was on the edge of my seat to see her walk this season I better see her in paris and milan shows and next fashion week here in NYC… whats with that img?


    Michelene is Trinidad and Tobago born model.
    Measurements: 5’11” 32.5″ A 23″ 10 US Dark Brown Brown. She has being modeling for a while now in Caribbean, modeling for some of the best caribbean designers and now she is hitting the International Model scene. She has a wonderful and unique about her, she is very down to earth.

    MICHELENE AUGUSTE….EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. loks modern. the girls look expensive. Charlotte and Asa are my favorites.
    LOVE IMG!!!!

  17. Tamara Mcdonald has not stopped modeling at all!! shes still working consistently, go look in your magazine stores, shes on the cover of level magazine, she has editorials in neo2 mag, and a couple of months ago worked with steven klein for american vogue….

  18. Hill – is the time to post such a detailed description of the IMG Show Package a crime?…..tehe Apparently, if you had one of these show packages in your hand and have an appreciation for the artistic talent that went in to creating it, you may see the real value in this package that others in the know have commented to me about.


  19. Du Juan for me is not icon.

    Her mid face from the side is not built up enough. ;-)

    Some lights will wash her looks out.