There’s this thing every casting director will do in NYC which bodes well for Elite. They will rip through the package of each agency very quickly, honing in on a small selection of the best faces to go from package to casting board. FW09 is a bonanza in those sweepstakes for Elite. The agency has proven itself to be a new centrifugal force as it bolsters its deck with the addition of the blue chip Tanya D to a board that has a US Vogue star (Coco Rocha), a major long running candidate (Ali Stephens) and a fast rising new face (Dree Hemingway). Using the eerily beautiful iconography of a whirling dervish to describe a willful spin to enlightenment, this Elite show pack also showcases the quiet but grinding hard work this agency has put into rebuilding the company into the fully competitive brand it is this year. Beautiful girls beautifully rendered is the calling card here and OTM suspects clients are going to bidding furiously on a fascinating new faces like Alys. But, keep that competitive eye also on English newcomer Lydia B, Kristina, Svetlana K and Julia P. Now watch that critical mass of all that new talent spin its way to complete resolution on the Fall 2009 runways.

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  1. a lot of wisdom in that post, Wayne… i too admire the way Elite are rebuilding… not slaves to the trendy… but forging their own direction… nice!

  2. i admire the way elite works too. often i feel they are overlooked as an agency for the newer, trendier ones. in reality their board is on par, if not better. i’ve also always respected that they usually cultivate their own talents, instead of poaching them. it will be interesting to see how michelle and svetlana k do this season…

  3. I saw the most AMAZING girl practicing her walk at the elite office the other day, I believe it must have been Lydia Beesely.. AMAZING!!!!

  4. I too would like to know what is happeing with Alice Budeu. Can someone lpease help us all with this question ????????

  5. what does “by special arrangement” mean on Coco’s card?
    I hope she will still walk many shows,since she didn’t attend the couture shows…

  6. Elite’s imaging is getting stronger and stronger as of late.
    Where is Darla Baker though? I would love to see her go huge.

  7. Julia Potopova looks the most gorgeous of all of them imo. If I were a designer, she would be an automatic booking for my show. Stunning, and 5’11 1/2? Amazing.

  8. “by special arrangement” on coco’s card means she is super expensive to book.

  9. like Michelle C. she is beautiful and fresh! hope to see her on Marc jacobs and CK… good luck girl!

  10. Danni li is a amazing! i worked with her so many times.
    lovely and nice girl.
    and i’am sure she going to be top model soon.