1. Loving Jake Shortall’s image on the show card. Really shows off his character….He will definitely book some good shows this season! RED is the new Black!

  2. Jullien is a dream for any designer! Wish his show card did justice to just how amazing he is!

  3. Nice seeing that Major is thinking out of the box with Celebrity/Olympic equestrian ADAM SABBAH
    He looks classically elegant and simply sophisticated.
    What a charisma!

  4. Adam is my favorite , He has charm , elegance , and class. Adam you will be my on my next article .Quality Magazine readers will enjoy such a Charisma! All the best …

  5. Adam sabbagh your eyes touch the soul and your smile melts the heart, you are the perfect example of male perfection, I can’t get enough of looking at your photos, the most handsome man I have ever seen, I hope to see more of you Adam it would be refreshing to see such elegance charm and sexiness rather than the typical plastic looking all alike other models you see nowadays.

  6. Oh my god Adam Sabbagh, you are so hot, me and my friends all agree u r z sexiest, my boyfriend is so jealous of me checking ur photos all the time but I can’t help it you have such sex appeal unexplainable xxxx

  7. Adam caught my eye, he has the look of the elegant charmer, very attractive man. Oh god I just love him, goodluck for all others.

  8. OMG! Adam stop killing my eyes with your look, you are by far the most masculine and chic man on this planet! This is what I’m talking about, a man, a real one!

  9. What is this new thing? Why Fashion industry like skinny boys with no shape? Hey! They look sick! Let them try a suit on their skinny shoulders, it would be fun…
    Adam, I am a big fan of yours and you totally represent what a man should have as a model. Nice Seeing you on this page,it made my day.

  10. Adam Very manly, great body and classy !!! Piercing eyes, Perfect stare, perfectly styled hair and impeccable suit.