1. She’s great! Wish she was a teeny bit taller, but her face is undeniably amazing

  2. Wow what a great girl. REQUEST is known as a mens agency, but I cant help to wonder, that they will turn it out with woman now.
    Good luck to that fantastic team!!!


  3. She has to work A LOT, she looks very contractured. Even if she has a strong face (big structure bounds) she must know better how she is, what she has and how to move. The last photo in swimsuit could be wonderful if she relax.

  4. she is so beautiful! her skin tone her hair, everything!
    to me, her hight doesnt mind, she is so beautiful and has an elegant body, she isnt short, shes just not as tall as the other.

  5. Go REQUEST!!!!

    Great girl…First with Emily and now Moran.
    Request proves it again and again the theory of a GREAT agency. If you know how t0 manage as great as Request team does, you can do it with guys or girls…

    Two girls and they are both perfect!!!



  6. lovely girl… beautiful and perfect body..
    she looks from holand not from israel.. but it’s dosn’t metter she’s amazing!!!

  7. AMAZING!!!!
    she is one of the most beautiful girl that i ever seen.
    you will hear about her one day soon !!!!!!!!

  8. I think she is absolutely unique and gorgeous.
    I think being taller would be a plus but she 5’9
    is a great height also

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