Pringle of Scotland Men S/S 13

Designer Alastair Carr stood at the helm of centuries-old knitwear label Pringle of Scotland for just about a year before leaving in April, and his recent men’s Spring 2013 collection, his last for the brand, was a reminder of the refreshingly sharp and modern direction he has taken in his short time as design director. The hallmarks of Pringle’s heritage were all there— the comfy-looking knitwear, the cardigans, the argyle socks— along with Carr’s signature contemporary touches, like a natty camouflage print and the creepers with straps inspired by the very now sport of motocross. The collection ran across the color wheel, with neutrals and dusty grays coming into contact with rich lurid reds and serene ceruleans, in pieces that were easygoing updates on traditional styles. Trousers tended toward the wide-legged, while jackets came in a selection of technical fabrics. The knits were, as always, front and center—appropriately enough for a house that began as the world’s first luxury knitwear purveyor— and a stretched argyle print that came in two clashing combinations was especially winning. There was a prevalence of tattoos on the boys, perhaps meant as a statement that Carr, himself no stranger to ink, has left an indelible mark on the journey of Pringle as it enters its third century.

(photos Melodie Jeng for