Top Man S/S 13

If there was any doubt left in our mind that Topman is the sharpest high-street brand out there, it was completely erased by the youthful, joyous Spring 2013 collection they showed on Friday as part of London’s first-ever men’s fashion week. Taking inspiration from California’s skateboarding and surfing cultures, Topman sent out a selection of bright looks with an energetic spirit and a palette of eye-popping neon colors. Bright floral prints and DayGlo hues enlivened the sharp basics, with anoraks, oversized sweaters, and wide shorts worn with a carefree attitude. There were sporty references, as in the number jerseys—in versions both cropped and overlong—and the appearance of a subtle mesh in numerous pieces, all worn with sturdy leather boots with a cut-out between the upper and the ankle. A muted gray check streaked with subtle lines of highlighter pink was a quieter alternative that still managed to pop with vibrancy. The collection overall was a powerful reminder why Topman is the very epitome of London’s brash young energy—in-your-face, eye-catching, and cool in all the right ways. (Photos Melodie Jeng for