Independent women’s powerhouse lineup represents some of the best and brightest in the modeling industry. With a roster that includes such iconic faces as Naomi Campbell and Karen Elson as well as rising faces like Anna Gushchina and Kamila Filipcikova, Independent represents both the present and future of the modeling industry.

View the complete list of S/S 09 show packages for New York, London, Milan and Paris here.

  1. kamila filipcikova is one of my favourite models.
    i see new faces here that i havent heard before and thy are
    very intriging…like for example:
    Sarah Gingrich
    Nichola Czyz
    patsy? (last name!!!)
    Sarah Gingrich

    i wish they all have last names…

  2. the second picture of magdalena is really beautiful what editorial or whatever is that from?