1. Did they miss the recent Italian Vogue?—they have no african american models in the package..

  2. Ashley,
    Of course, they did not “miss” the recent Italian Vogue, what
    kind of question is that?

    Fusion is a small agency, they are not going to run out to the
    corner and just sign up any black girl to “have” a black girl
    on their board. Because they are small, they want to make sure
    that all the girls they sign (white, black or otherwise) are
    girls that all the agents fully believe in. They do not have
    the resources of a huge agency like IMG that can have 50 new
    faces at once on their board, 5-10 which might be black/Asian/
    Latino, etc. A smaller agency can usually only take on 5-10 new
    girls total.

    Fusion has 2 amazing black guys (you say African America, but
    you can be black and not be American, by the way). I know Fusion
    and the Fusion team, they are fully committed to signing models
    of all colors.